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Protect your data with Unitrends’ Salesforce backup and recovery solution.

Automated backup and recovery for Salesforce data, metadata, attachments and Chatter messages. Unitrends is trusted by 1.4 million users and counting.

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Advanced and Automated Salesforce Backup and Recovery

Comprehensive Protection

Unitrends’ Salesforce backup enables you to protect everything. From base and custom objects to metadata and attachments we include it all. We also have no limits on storage size or durations. To keep it all safe you can even use your own encryption keys at no additional cost.

Automated Salesforce Backup

Unitrends backup for Salesforce runs in the background, providing daily, automated backup at the time you specify. You can also run a manual backup any time for those major imports, migrations, or restructures.

Flexible Recovery Options

Salesforce recovery is flexible and easy with Unitrends. With powerful recovery options you have complete control. Our salesforce backup software is built directly into the Salesforce interface. Making recovery a seamless, intuitive part of the Salesforce experience.

SOC 2, GPDR and HIPAA Compliant Salesforce Backup

Unitrends Backup for Salesforce has passed the SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II audit. This audit is a stringent evaluation security protocols. You can relax knowing your backups are GPDR and HIPAA compliant. Additionally, there are security features such as secure partitions, encryption, and intrusion detection all resulting in an uptime of 99.9%.

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Status Monitoring and Transparent Reporting

Quickly read the status of your most recent backup with our easy-to-read dashboards. The dashboards are able to be customised to suite your needs and include record counts of changes and Salesforce API usage.

You will be kept informed of your backup and recovery progress through both Chatter posts and email. If you want more information about the backup or recovery process, audit logs are available for further inspection.

Delete-proof protection

Additional Powerful features of Unitrends backup for Salesforce

  • Automated Backups
  • End-user self-service
  • Point-in-time restore
  • Granular search-based restore
  • Cross-org restore
  • Sandbox seeding
  • Immutable audit logs
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Frequently Asked Questions about Unitrends’ Salesforce backup and Restore

Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool that many businesses rely on to manage their customer data. While Salesforce has built-in data protection features, it's important to have a third-party backup solution for true protection.

Unitrends offers a comprehensive Salesforce backup solution that can help you protect your critical data. With Unitrends you can ensure that you can quickly recover from any data loss incidents. With Unitrends, you can schedule automatic backups of your Salesforce data, including all records, attachments, and metadata. You can also perform on-demand backups, making it easy to protect your data whenever you need to.

In the event of data loss, Unitrends makes it easy to restore your Salesforce data. You can restore individual records or entire objects. Additionally, Unitrends provides detailed reporting and monitoring, giving you visibility into the backup and recovery process.

Salesforce provides a variety of data protection and recovery features. However, it's important to understand what is included in their standard backup and recovery capabilities and what is not.

Salesforce provides daily backups and retains those backups for up to 90 days. This backup includes all data, metadata, and configuration settings. However, it's important to note that these backups not designed to provide point-in-time recovery or granular restores of individual records.

If you require more frequent backups or more granular restore capabilities, you may want to consider using a third-party backup service, such as Unitrends, that specializes in Salesforce backup and recovery. These services can provide more frequent backups, point-in-time restores, and additional features such as data archiving and compliance monitoring.

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Salesforce provides a number of built-in tools and features to backup your data, including:

  • Data Export. This is a standard feature in Salesforce that allows you to export your data on a regular basis. You can choose the data to be exported, the file format, and the frequency of the exports. You can then download the exported data files or have them sent to an email address.
  • Salesforce Weekly Export Service. This feature allows you to schedule weekly exports of your data. The data is exported in a .csv file format.
  • Salesforce Data Recovery. This is a one-off paid service provided by Salesforce where they can try to recover data that has been lost. The service involves submitting a request to Salesforce, and the process can take several weeks.
  • Third-party Backup Services. Third-party backup services like Unitrends are available that specialize in Salesforce backup and recovery. These services can provide additional features such as point-in-time restores, incremental backups, and compliance monitoring.

It is beneficial to use multiple backup methods for Salesforce data protection. This will provide the best security for your data.

In Salesforce, data refers to the actual information that is stored within the platform. This includes such as customer records, sales opportunities, and campaign data. Metadata, refers to the information about the structure of the data and how it is organized within Salesforce.