Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

Resilient Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

Eliminate continuity concerns for your servers with direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery that incorporates 30+ years of innovation. Experience a feature-rich solution designed to simplify the backup and disaster recovery process. Neutralize ransomware and guarantee resilience and continuity for your server workloads without any additional hardware.

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Confidently Back Up and Recover Any Server, Anywhere

Ensure data continuity with direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery for your servers. Save time, eliminate management hassle and reduce costs with no local hardware required. Seamlessly and reliably back up and recover server workloads from a unified management portal. Save money with a transparent, affordable cost structure that is significantly lower than building and managing your own DR.

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Reliable Server Backup – No Assembly Required

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery is a unique, turnkey business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. It combines automatic, hourly, direct-to-cloud backup, ransomware protection and powerful disaster recovery capabilities without the need to deploy or maintain any hardware or cloud infrastructure. Easily manage all backup and disaster recovery functions through an intuitive, unified, web-based portal.

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Easy-to-Use, Turnkey, Direct-to-Cloud Technology

Protect your data with a resilient, secure cloud designed for backup and disaster recovery. A cloud presence spanning the globe supports geo-redundant backups. Backups replicated to the Unitrends Cloud are stored on a private cloud tenant and written to immutable storage on encrypted disks.

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Unified Backup and Disaster Recovery Management Portal

A unified portal experience enables you to manage your cloud-based server backups in just minutes per day. Enjoy consistent management and protection with a familiar portal experience built on trusted, comprehensive and proven technology from Unitrends.

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Affordable, Low-Cost BCDR

Our cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution offers backup, replication, cloud storage, screenshot verification, ransomware detection, disaster recovery (DR) testing and DR. Never pay for egress, testing or failover in the Unitrends Cloud.

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Key Features of Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

Multi Cloud Continuity

Hourly, Direct-to-Cloud Server Backups

Automated hourly backups replicated directly to the Unitrends Cloud protect your server workloads in remote locations, across distributed environments and in the public cloud. Bandwidth throttling minimizes backup’s impact on production workloads. Each backup is stored in a recovery-ready state for instant virtualization, ensuring optimal RTO and RPO.

Screenshot Verification

Redundant Cloud Backup Replication

All backups stored in the Unitrends Cloud are automatically replicated within the region to a secondary cloud tenant for redundancy. Cloud storage and retention for your backups are included with your license.

Screenshot Verification

Automated Screenshot Verification

Daily, automatic screenshot verification ensures your server backups are healthy and easily recoverable. Eliminate the challenges of testing remote and cloud workloads so you can recover with confidence.

Ransomware Detection

Immutable Backup Storage

Backups replicated to the Unitrends Cloud are encrypted in-flight and at-rest and stored on immutable blocks within a private cloud tenant. They are secured from unwarranted access, changes and deletions.

Cloud Deletion Defence

Cloud Deletion DefenseTM

Unitrends Cloud Deletion Defense™ acts like a recycle bin for your cloud backups. If backups or agents are mistakenly or maliciously deleted, Cloud Deletion Defense™ provides you with a window to recover your valuable data and regain access.

Immutable Storage

Ransomware Scanning and Protection

Ensure your backups are protected from ransomware with built-in, native monitoring that utilizes our proprietary behavioral analysis. If ransomware threat conditions are detected, administrators are alerted and notified to take immediate action.

Rapid Self-Service Recovery

Advanced Recovery Capabilities

Recover how and where you need it with minimal clicks. Launch file and folder restores or export VM images. Perform bare metal recovery (BMR) to the same or dissimilar hardware. With only a few clicks, instantly virtualize any recovery point in the Unitrends Cloud to maintain the continuity of your critical workloads. Do it all from a single, elegant management portal.

Infinite Retention

Disaster Recovery Testing & Instant Virtualization

Recover with confidence in the face of downtime or disaster. Regular disaster recovery testing in the Unitrends Cloud, in addition to daily screenshot verification for your backups, ensures they are healthy and readily recoverable. Spin up virtual server workloads and run them in the Unitrends Cloud with instant virtualization.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

Your first step towards simpler, smarter BCDR for any server, anywhere.

Common Use Cases for Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery is a powerful, affordable server cloud backup and disaster recovery solution suitable for a variety of situations. Below are some of the most common circumstances for which our solution is deployed:


Small Business & Distributed Environments

Achieve complete backup and disaster recovery for organizations or locations with a small technology footprint. In many cases, installing and managing a hardware-based solution may not be feasible.


Rugged, Remote and Harsh Environments

Protect critical server data and workloads in harsh environments, such as oil rigs, energy turbines and industrial manufacturing environments, to name a few. The excessive heat or vibration of these environments may make a traditional disk-based hardware appliance prohibitive.


Virtual Machines (VMs) On-Prem or in the Public Cloud

Deliver resilience and continuity for VM workloads running on a single host or in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Simplified deployment and an all-inclusive licensing model remove the complexity and unpredictability of managing additional cloud infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

Server backup is the act of copying server data and storing it in a secondary location. These backup copies can then be used to recover server data in the event that primary data is lost or compromised. Server backup is often used as a BCDR strategy to ensure that data is secure from disaster or data loss events.

Server backup can be accomplished in a number of ways depending on the needs of an organization. Some of the more commonly used methods include:
  • Hardware appliance-based backup: A conventional way to back up server workloads is by leveraging a hardware appliance in your data center. The backup appliance provides the necessary means for accomplishing local server backup in accordance with your disaster recovery plan.
  • Software-based backup: Backup software is another method of deploying local backup to protect your server workloads. In this case, the organization provides the necessary computing power to run the software and store server backups.
  • Cloud backup: This method transfers server data backup over a public or private network to a remote server. Cloud backup does not require local hardware to facilitate the solution. As such, it has no data center footprint or significant maintenance costs. This method is also referred to as online backup or direct-to-cloud backup.

Server cloud backup is the process of backing up server data to cloud-based servers. To accomplish this, a backup application is first used to copy server data. These backups are then stored on media or a storage system apart from the production environment.

In addition, an agent is also installed on the server. This agent is paired with an off-site backup target, such as a server instance running in Microsoft Azure. Data is then transferred to the target over a public or exclusive network and stored away from the off-site location. This data may be recovered from the target in the event of a local data disaster.

Server backups should occur at intervals that align with the entity’s disaster recovery plan. Each organization will have unique recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for their workloads. Understanding the maximum tolerable downtime and necessity of each server workload will help determine the appropriate RTOs and RPOs respectively.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery provides automatic hourly backups direct to the Unitrends cloud. Backups are stored in a warm state and can be easily recovered to help organizations meet aggressive RTO and RPO goals.

Server backup software is used to deliver a backup application for accomplishing server backups. This application ensures that server backups are intact and accessible for recovery in the case of a data loss event. These include situations such as hardware failure, user error, cyberattacks or other data disasters.

Server backup solutions store backups on a separate hardware device locally, a remote device or a remote cloud location. Important features of server backup solutions include different approaches to protect various server assets. For example, file-level backups, image-based backups, hypervisor-level backups and application-level backups.

Other notable features are encryption, replication, recovery testing and granular recovery modes. These include but are not limited to, file/folder recovery, image restores, instant recovery and bare metal recovery.

The cost of a server backup solution depends on a number of factors. The first of these is the level of data backup and recovery you can expect to receive. Lower-cost solutions may offer simple file-level backups to make recovering files and folders possible. However, these solutions would present a challenge in situations where a full rebuild or restoration of the entire server is required.

More comprehensive backup solutions provide capabilities such as instant recovery, image-level recovery and bare metal recovery. These will offer greater resilience for recovery but will carry a higher cost.

Many cloud-based server backup providers simply offer backup software. It is then up to the organization to define computing power, storage, testing and recovery. In most cases, there are incremental costs to each, which drives up the TCO of the solution. This is sometimes referred to as build-your-own server backup.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery is different. Our comprehensive solution includes backup, storage, retention, testing and disaster recovery. All for a simple, flat-fee cost and predictable TCO.