Secure, All-in-One Virtual Appliance


Protection to defeat anything from ransomware to even your clumsiest employees.

Just Download and Deploy 

Most backup software just doesn't cut it. Other vendors don't integrate and optimize software, monitoring, deduplication, and cloud. What's worse, this process can leave you open to ransomware and other security holes. Beat the complexity with Unitrends Backup, a secure, all-in-one virtual appliance that runs on your hardware. Setup is straightforward and starts with a download — no waiting on shipping.

More Confidence

Purpose-built, Linux-hardened platform is secure and ransomware-resistent.

No Finger Pointing

Integrated software, security, monitoring, and cloud means one-throat-to-choke Support.

More Flexibility

Optimized, all-in-one virtual appliance easily scales up & out as your business grows.

All-in-One Backup Lowers Your TCO

For businesses who need heterogenous backup, instant recovery, deduplication, monitoring, and cloud integration, most backup software can't deliver. Plus, your backup costs may be blown with surprise agent and operating system fees. Unitrends Backup is a secure, all-in-one appliance that delivers a complete solution and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO). Deploy on the virtual platform of your choice, or in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends


Old school, Windows-based backup software may have security holes and can be infiltrated by ransomware.


Secure, Linux-hardened platform is ransomware-resistant and purpose-built for backup & recovery.

Purpose- Built

Not Integrated

Time wasted manually integrating multiple products, with varied results.


Purpose-built virtual backup appliance is ready to go. No time lost to complexity.


Missing Capabilities

Key features like deduplication and reporting aren't included, installating agents incurs extra fees.

Fully Featured

Fully featured licenses include everything you need for VMs or physical servers, including agents.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

I was able to restore my server from a ransonware attack to a point before corruption while connected with my cell phone and within 30 minutes, the server was running and accepting client connections to all folders.”

Scott Bacon
Controller / CFO, Broadway Carpets

Unitrends Backup all-in-one architecture has everything you need, including Reports, integrated Cloud, backup and recovery software, Adaptive Deduplication, and operating system with license.

Free Trial

Download a fully functional free version of Unitrends Backup software. Protect your entire IT infrastructure, physical and virtual. Start your test drive today.

True Dominance: TechTarget & Storage Magazine Product of the Year Finalist

Unitrends Backup was chosen for its companion cloud options and adaptive data deduplication that speeds backups and maximizes storage efficiency. See the Winners