Deeply Integrated Cloud Continuity


Long-term retention and disaster recovery services in the Unitrends Cloud practically without lifting a finger.

Cloud You Can Count On

Business uptime and data retention requirements are increasing. But most IT organizations don't have the budget for a secondary site or the time to manage offsite storage. Let the cloud do the work for you. Unitrends Backup delivers integrated cloud for long-term retention and disaster recovery spin-up.

No Finger Pointing

Seamless integration with the Unitrends Cloud means "one throat to choke" if you need service or support.

More Flexibility

More cloud options than anyone — Unitrends Cloud, third party cloud, or hyperscale clouds like Microsoft Azure.

More Uptime

Recover quickly and spin-up in the cloud, keeping your business running when disaster strikes.

Flexible Cloud Options to Fit Any Business

Old world backup products have grown increasingly complex, siloed, and slow to deploy. But businesses demand quick setup of backup and confidence in recovery. With Unitrends, you can count on recovery as well as a speedy return on investment for your IT dollar.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Disaster Recovery

Slow Recovery

Manual recovery, one machine at a time, no guaranteed SLA.

1-Hour SLA

Lightning fast spin-up of physical or virtual machines, guaranteed within an hour.

Affordable Retention

Costly Storage

Cloud retention that's so costly or painful to manage that your business won't benefit.

Forever Cloud

Easily meet compliance and regulatory requirements with infinite cloud retention for free.


Limited Cloud

Little to no cloud integration, locked into one option that doesn't fit your business.

Choose Your Cloud

Built-in integration with the industry's widest range of cloud continuity options.

Enterprise Cloud Continuity

Unitrends Backup virtual appliances offer all-in-one local backup plus integrated cloud for disaster recovery and retention. All built and managed by Unitrends, so there’s one throat to choke and no finger pointing if you need service or support. Our cloud data centers are located in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.

  • Secure, worldwide cloudSSAE 16 certified and can be part of a HIPAA compliant environment. 
  • Rapid Seeding available — Speed up your cloud implementation. Simply ship us your data and we'll transfer it to the Unitrends Cloud and return your device.
  • Rapid Return  — In the event of disaster at your primary site, we'll quick ship a NAS or disk containing your data when you're ready to rebuild.
  • Two-way WAN optimization — Get your data moved quickly to and from the Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Cloud works with Recovery Series appliances or Unitrends Backup software.

Disaster Recovery Services

For full-service disaster recovery and business continuity, Unitrends DR services deliver spin-up in the cloud for both your Windows physical servers and VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines. An unmatched 1-hour recovery SLA is available, so you’ll be confident you can recover quickly and keep your business running in the event of a disaster.

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Forever Cloud Long-Term Retention

If you need to retain long-term backup copies offsite for business continuity, compliance or regulatory requirements, try Forever Cloud. Unitrends Forever Cloud copies your on-premises backups to the Unitrends Cloud for long term or infinite storage, with no-cost retention. You pay only for the amount of data protected on-premises, resulting in huge savings compared to cloud vendors that charge per GB.

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Free Trial

Download a fully functional free version of Unitrends Backup software. Protect your entire IT infrastructure, physical and virtual. Start your test drive today.

True Dominance: TechTarget & Storage Magazine Product of the Year Finalist

Unitrends Backup was chosen for its companion cloud options and adaptive data deduplication that speeds backups and maximizes storage efficiency. See the Winners