Enterprise-Grade Deduplication


Use less storage and keep more retention with global deduplication, no add-ons necessary.

Handle Data Growth with Adaptive Deduplicaton

Regulatory requirements demand longer term retention. But data continues to grow exponentionally. Businesses need backup that can handle data growth without breaking a sweat. Unitrends' all-in-one appliances include enterprise-grade, Adaptive Deduplication™ so you can use less storage and keep more retention.

No Finger Pointing

Deduplication is built-in to your backup appliance, giving you "one throat to choke" support.

Less Management

Backup, deduplication, & storage usage all managed from 1 intuitive user interface.

More Flexibility

Use less storage and keep more retention with built-in Adaptive Deduplication.

Use Less Storage and Keep More Retention

The old way of backup doesn't care how much storage is used. That's a problem for a separate device, a deduplication appliance, and it's on the user to purchase and integrate the two systems (and hope they work together). This means growing pains as your backup footprint increases or retention requirements get longer. Eliminate integration frustration and backup storage hogs with high performance Unitrends Backup software or an all-in-one Recovery Series appliance, both of which include enterprise-grade Adapative Deduplication.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends

Not Optimized

Uses only one deduplication technology, not optimized across enterprise applications and data types.


Combines inline & global byte-level dedupe for best performance across enterprise applications.


Add-On Product

Time lost integrating and managing backup and deduplication products, with varied results.

Built-In Dedupe

Adaptive Deduplication is an integrated part of your purpose-built backup appliance.

High Performance

Poor Performance

Not adaptive or intelligent; doesn't optimize capacity utilization, backup window, or retention. 

Max Performance

Adaptive Deduplication optimizes capacity utilization, minimizes backup times, and maximizes retention.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

The Unitrends deduplication provided by our Recovery Series appliances allows us to perform hourly backups of our file servers (and keep 100+ days of retention onsite!), so we only had to deal with minimal loss of data from restores.”

Carl Jaspersohn
Director of Technology, Boston Architectural College


Don't Get Duped by Dedupe

The purpose of deduplication is to provide more storage, particularly backup storage, for less money, right? Then wouldn't it be ridiculous if deduplication vendors were demanding that their customers pay more per terabyte of storage? Or, if they were simply pushing the task of integrating, monitoring, and managing deduplication back onto their users? This white paper is to help you understand the various approaches to deduplication, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and to introduce a different approach to deduplication, Adaptive Deduplication.

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