Deep Virtual Data Protection

Unique deep virtualization protection provides granular backup and recovery to meet tight backup windows.

Protection for Your Entire Virtual Infrastructure 

Some vendors have made the case that virtual data protection is a Hobson’s choice, one in which only one option is offered. In essence, if you want the best protection for your virtual environment you’re left with only one choice—to protect it only with backup at the hypervisor level, or not at all. Unitrends Backup offers another way: deep virtual protection, in which you can get granular backup for your virtual infrastructure, both at the hypervisor level and more deeply within individual virtual machines.

More Confidence

Granular backup at the hypervisor level plus native application and OS level gives you confidence in recovery.

No Finger Pointing

An all-in-one solution with complete virtual infrastructure protection means one-throat-to-choke Support.

More Uptime

Deep virtual protection enables recovery to dissimilar physical machines or other hypervisors, delivering more uptime. 

Virtualized Environments Need Deep Virtual Backup

A number of challenges are encountered by IT admins with virtualized environments but without deep virtual protection. First, many admins find their backup tool can't run as frequently as desired due to high overhead. Then, too much data is backed up because there is no selective backup within the hypervisor available in the tool. This results in too much storage is being used, and retention that is too low, because of lower deduplication ratios. Sometimes there are virtual machines that literally can’t be protected. Unitrends solves these issues with deep virtual protection.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Complete Protection

Limited Backup

Backup only at the hypervisor level. VMs that can't be protected.

Total Backup

Deep virtual protection covers hypervisor level plus applications and OS level.

Granular Backup


Non-granular backup protocols make it impossible to meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Decreased RPOs

Granular backup for all infrastructure level tightens backup windows and improves RPOs.


Storage Hog

Poorly designed backup and missing or ineffective deduplication eats up storage & lowers retention.

Adaptive Dedupe

Built-in, Adaptive Deduplication reduces footprint and backup & replication windows.

Unitrends Deep Virtual Protection

Unitrends protects for your entire virtual infrastructure, including hypervisor level as well as application and operating system level protection. Features include:

  • Virtual infrastructure protection granularly at the hypervisor level and more deeply within specified individual virtual machines.
  • Less data that needs to be backed up via granular operating system and application level backup.
  • Decreased Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) via granular operating system and application level backup.
  • Application-aware, adaptive deduplication for reduced footprint and backup/replication windows.
  • Reduced snapshot overhead in virtual environments.
  • Unitrends Bridge: Recovery to dissimilar physical machines or other hypervisors.
  • Protection for physical RDM, iSCSI pass-through, and independent persistent disk configurations in VMware vSphere environments.
  • Protection for shared VHDX configurations in Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Illustration of Unitrends Deep Virtual Protection

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