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Choose from 4 editions, each packed with powerful features and scalable to meet your business and budget needs.

Powerful and Simple Licensing, from Free to Enterprise

IT environments are growing in size and complexity. But your backup software licensing doesn't have to be complex or expensive. Unitrends Backup software is available in 4 powerful editions with fully featured, affordable licenses priced per socket for virtual hosts and per server for physical servers. Choose the Unitrends Backup edition right for your business, or try the free version of Unitrends Backup for up to 1 TB of protected data. 

More Flexibility

Powerful backup software with affordable licensing that easily scales as your business grows.

More Confidence

Complete features per socket or server means no surprise costs or per agent fees.

Less Management

Fully featured software managed across sites and cloud from one easy interface.

Yes, That's Included with Your License

Old-school backup software vendors love to nickel-and-dime you for every agent and feature you need to protect your increasingly complex IT environment. Unitrends knows you don't have time for that. We provide fully featured licenses on per server or socket basis. Licenses are available in four easy-to-understand editions, so you can choose the right feature and budget level for your business. 

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Complete Licensing

Growing Add-On Costs

Complicated and limited licensing only covers a portion of what you need. Extra fees drain budget.

Full, Affordable Licenses

Fully featured licenses include everything you need for VMs or physical servers, including agents.

Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Limited Reporting

Reporting is not integrated — costs more, is managed separately, requires an extra product, or is unavailable.

Built-In Reporting

Detailed dashboards, backup status, and compliance reporting are built-in and included with your license.

Enterprise Automation

High Costs

Costly licensing, agent fees, or additional products needed for enterprise automation.

Recovery Automation

Built-in, enterprise recovery automation & orchestration for backup verification, failover, & DR testing.

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After implementing Unitrends Backup, I have my personal time back. I can remotely connect to my virtual appliances, spend 5 minutes looking at a report or two and then spend my personal time with family.”

Scott Bacon
Controller / CFO Broadway Carpets

Choose the Edition Best for Your Business

Unitrends Backup editions range from the Essentials version for file-level protection for up to 10 sockets to the Enterprise Plus edition with full application protection, NAS and NDMP support, and automated DR testing. All editions include powerful features like instant recovery, deduplication, and integration with the Unitrends Cloud for disaster recovery and long term retention.

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Free Trial

Download a fully functional free version of Unitrends Backup software. Protect your entire IT infrastructure, physical and virtual. Start your test drive today.

True Dominance: TechTarget & Storage Magazine Product of the Year Finalist

Unitrends Backup was chosen for its companion cloud options and adaptive data deduplication that speeds backups and maximizes storage efficiency. See the Winners