Multi-Platform Deployment Options


Runs as a virtual machine on-premises or in the cloud — available for VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Runs on Your Favorite Virtual or Cloud Platform

Too many backup products are built for just one type of IT environment. This outdated model doesn't work for the rapid pace of business. Unitrends Backup offers multiple deployment options, virtual or cloud, so you choose the platform best for your needs. 

More Flexibility

Choose your platform: virtual on VMware, Hyper-V, or XenServer; cloud on Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

No Finger Pointing

All-in-one virtual appliances deliver comprehensive backup, recovery, and support.

More Confidence

Powerful backup software and integrated cloud & DR testing for confidence in recovery.

Flexible Virtual or Cloud Backup for Your Data Center

Some backup vendors try to convince you that their way is the only way. They offer a solution for just one slice of your IT environment. Meanwhile, you have a host of virtual machines to be protected, business critical applications that will only run on a physical Windows server, important Linux boxes, and you want to move to the cloud. Unitrends supports all this and more with an all-in-one virtual appliance, and flexible deployment options to fit your needs. 

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
All-in-One Virtual Appliance

Software Only

Non-integrated, Windows-based software. Less secure, vulnerable to ransomware, & additional licensing costs.

Secure, All-in-One

Purpose-built, ransomware-resistant virtual appliance. Linux-hardened; operating system included.

Physical Protection

No Physical Protection

Virtual only. Can't protect critical applications on your Windows & other physical servers. 

Comprehensive Backup

Complete backup and recovery for your VMs as well as Windows, Linux, and other physical servers

Built for the Cloud

Limited Cloud

No integrated cloud. Can't deploy in the cloud. No cloud archiving or DR.

Integrated Cloud

Deploys on Azure or AWS cloud. Integrated long-term retention & DR options.

 Choose Your Multi-Platform Deployment Option

Unitrends Backup software runs as a virtual appliance and is flexible to fit your environment. Choose a virtual deployment on VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Citrix XenServer. Or run in the cloud — Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unitrends Backup Deployment Options


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Media company LOVEFiLM, a UK-based subsidiary of Amazon, needed a backup solution for an IT environment that had become complex and sprawling after company acquisitions. After installing a Recovery Series 943 appliance at their primary data center and Unitrends Backup software at their disaster recovery site, the company had this to say about the Unitrends backup solution:

"The ability to take daily snapshots and protect both physical and virtual servers is a valuable feature in the Unitrends solution, as is the capability to do hourly backups of changes to the SQL machines. We’ve worked with lots of suppliers that promise the earth, Unitrends has actually delivered,” said Gregg Braden, Head of IT for LOVEFiLM.

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