Unitrends Compliance Manager

Stress free HIPAA and GDPR Compliance


Taking the time and stress out of HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

Unitrends Compliance Manager guides you through the entire process from helping you collect verbal information from stakeholders to scanning data across your network. Then it automatically collates the results to produce all of the reporting you need to pass a compliance audit.

Effortless Compliance

Combine your knowledge with Unitrends Compliance Manager and you have everything you need to meet HIPAA and GDPR standards

Unitrends Compliance Manager initially scans the network and then asks questions to quickly determine if compliance requirements are being met. Recommendations are prioritized and documented on how to address identified issues. Unitrends Compliance Manager then produces all mandatory reports required to pass an audit.

Effortless Compliance
Protect your budget

Avoid those large non-compliance fines with automated, customized reports

There are many products on the market that provide you with a laundry list of tasks you must perform, and information to gather, process, analyze, and validate to be compliant. But Unitrends Compliance Manager takes the process to the next level by automating the collection of much of the data, analyzing it for you, and providing you with dynamic worksheets that are customized based on the results of the collected data.

Avoid Compliance fines
Ongoing protection

Unitrends Compliance Manager keeps protecting even after the audit

Unitrends Compliance Manager continues to conduct regular and automated network scans to detect any new issues that may arise. It also automates the production of mandatory reporting under HIPPA / GDPR guidelines to uncover network issues and potential breaches.

Because much of the data is collected automatically, Unitrends Compliance Manager is hands-down, the fastest and easiest way to ensure you stay compliant.

total visibility

Take control of your data protection with Unitrends.