Unitrends Security Manager

Detect Internal Threats & Security Gaps

Security Manager

Secure your servers, data and network by detecting internal threats that firewalls and antiviruses can’t

Over 70% of all cyber security incidents are caused by internal security threats – misconfigurations, unauthorized logins, gaps in backup – that no firewall or anti-virus app can prevent. Attackers can capitalize on internal gaps to steal data and wreak havoc undetected. Stop them in their tracks with Unitrends Security Manager, which alerts you to threats before hackers gain a foothold.

Layers of security

Alerting you to internal threats and unauthorized intrusions that got past your firewall

Unitrends Security Manager scans your servers, data, and network every 24 hours and automatically alerts you to internal threats. Alerts are aggregated in an easy-to-use report that can be sorted by priority/severity, or by the type of issue. Alert reports can be sent to your choice of emails, including your ticketing system.

Layers of security
Always learning and improving

Unitrends Security Manager uses machine learning to identify anomalous activity, suspicious changes and threats

Get alerts such as:

  • An unauthorized login just occurred on the credit card server
  • An unauthorized application was just installed on the finance server
  • A new profile was just added to the CEO’s laptop
  • John just logged into the customer server at midnight
  • Jim was just given administrative rights to the finance system
  • Backup Alert – Your customer DB is not being backed up
All in one security
Total visibility

Know what is going on in your network at all times

Unitrends Security Manager uses “smart tags,” a feature that allows it to adapt to each unique client. Smart tags enrich the detection system by adding information about specific users, assets, and settings.

total visibility

“What we like most about Unitrends Security Manager...”is that it allows us to quickly see things we can make even more secure with ease! Steve Quinn CEO – BIT

Take control of your data protection with Unitrends.