Free VMware Migration to AWS or Azure

Free VMware to AWS Migration Tool

Cloud Migration Simplified

Automatically remodel your VMs to native cloud virtual machines in low cost AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage. This free tool even handles the transformation of networking differences between VMware and AWS, enabling you to migrate your environment to the cloud in a snap.


Easy, Inexpensive VM Migration to the Cloud

Our unique “pilot-light” capabiliy automates VMware replication and conversion to native Amazon Machine Images or Microsoft Azure VMs, removing the risk of human error and saving you a bundle in license fees. Change your mind? Boomerang reverse converts, too.



Fastest Path to Optimized VM Replication

In as fast as 15 minutes, the migration tool installs, auto-discovers, and takes a snapshot of your VMs. Data replication is secure, optimized, and under your control. Block-level incremental synchronization helps keep your VMs in the cloud up to date prior to finalizing the migration.



Free Forever

Use our migration tool as often as you like—it’s free forever. It will expire after 30 days, but you can just redownload and continue your migrations. Do this as many times as you like, we aren’t counting.




The tool provides the choice of the two leading hyperscale clouds – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, plus copyback to your VMware environment.



Jascon Breckner
Unitrends Boomerang gives us the ability to recover from just about any outage. In the worst case we just spin up VMs in Amazon’s EC2.
Jason Breckner

IT Manager

Data Sales Company