Built for the unexpected.

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Resilient Protection

Unitrends delivers true resilience with next generation technology that anticipated potential hardware, software, and malware issues and resolved them before they cause downtime or data loss.

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Boost Productivity with Self-Healing Technology

Powerful, hands free resilience is delivered through
self-healing backup software, self-healing disks, machine learning analytics and predictive analytics technology.

Resilient Protection

Eliminate the Hassle of Software Errors

Unitrends products automatically detect and correct a host of software issues that threaten recoverability.

Hassle-Free Software Error Monitoring

Triple Ransomware Protection

Unitrends products are built on a hardened Linux architecture that is impervious to Windows-focused ransomware. AI driven malware detection alerts you to early warning signs of infection in backup and Recovery Assurance testing ensures you can recover from uninfected backup data.

Triple Ransomware Protection

Confidence in your Ability to Recover

Unitrends Recovery Assurance automatically spins up and tests of full application restorations and documents your ability to meet your RTO and RPOs. Advanced analytics identify potential threats to recovery and proactively recommend steps for correcting them.

Confidence in your Ability to Recover

Take control of your data protection with Unitrends.