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Quickly see the five steps to picking a DRaaS vendor in this infographic.

Irma had just destroyed much of the Caribbean, and Safety Products Inc did not want their company operations to be part of the toll.

Calculate your cost of down time quickly with this interactive calculator.

FAQs about Unitrends Disaster Recovery Services, a white glove service for running your business in the Unitrends Cloud in the event of disaster.

Irma had just destroyed much of the Caribbean, and Safety Products Inc did not want their company operations to be part of the toll.

Our annual survey of IT professionals shows data protection and recovery remains a significant challenge. Learn about the top 6 challenges IT pros face.

Read this paper to for nine highly effective steps you can take to be better prepared for any downtime opponent and ensure you recover faster with less data loss. 

See the FAQs about deploying Unitrends Backup in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an off-site, secondary location for backup copies.

With downtime costs reaching $9,000 per minute, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is one of the hottest use cases for leveraging the cloud.

"I’m a one man band, so staffing and budget are a challenge."

“I have recovery demands almost weekly! Users delete entire folders and deploy broken code that I can restore in minutes."

Get an intro to cloud empowered backup appliances from DCIG.

Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 delivers automatic backup for Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Quickly see the five steps to picking a DRaaS vendor in this infographic.

With hundreds of vendors available, how do you pick the best Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for your organization? Download to learn more.

Information about safety, security, & compliance in the Unitrends Cloud, which offers long-term retention and disaster recovery services

Prior to having Unitrends Boomerang, our disaster recovery scenarios were no less than 6 hours. Now it’s 20 minutes. That means business never stops.

Choice Solutions is a technology provider to over 500 mid-sized to large customers in a wide variety of industries across 23 states. They have seen it all.

Loraas Disposal Services has a small IT staff and oversees nine locations stretched across the province of Saskatchewan.

Why do I need backup for Microsoft Office 365? What happens to my licenses if I add a user during the month? And more FAQs

Shortly after installing their Unitrends Recovery Series appliance The County FCU was hit with a ransomware attack.

Unitrends Backup is a secure, all-in-one virtual appliance bundled with powerful enterprise features such as SLA policy automation and deduplication.

10 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence for Simpler, Smarter IT

Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB) customers may be able to migrate to Unitrends Backup (UB) as part of their existing UVB maintenance contracts.

Get an in-depth look at some of the "hidden costs" of long-term retention in the cloud and your actual total cost for services.

Get answers to your questions about Unitrends Backup licensing, deployment, cloud integration, and more.

Do you have the right DR plan? Having the wrong Cloud DR can be its own disaster. We’ll review the right way and the horrific way to deploy a Cloud-based DR plan.

Download the 2017 Cloud and Data Protection Survey Results

Download the 2017 Cloud and Data Protection Survey Results

Data needs are growing exponentially and some of those “on-the-surface” prices from the hyperscale providers such as AWS and Azure are really tempting. But when you add network fees, data retrieval fees, and the compounding cost of data storage for long term retention, your total spending may shock you.

Recovery Series all-in-one backup appliances combine software, storage, and compute into one box with built-in cloud integration.

Unitrends reduces vendor complexity and increase IT confidence, enabling better productivity and business uptime.

Document and visually diagram your data center with these free Visio stencils of Unitrends Recovery Series backup appliances.

This video explains Unitrends terminology of Backup Copies replacing the terms Archiving and Replication.

This video is part of the video series for VMware backup with Unitrends. See how to perform on-demand as well as scheduled agent-less protection of VMware vSphere. And, learn how to configure application-aware processing of application server virtual machines.

This video guides you through the setup of backup schedules for Microsoft SQL Server databases to your Unitrends Backup software or appliance using agents.

See how to restore from backup files using Unitrends Recovery Series hardware or Unitrends Backup virtual appliances.

See how to gain instant recovery using Unitrends Recovery Series hardware or Unitrends Backup virtual appliances. 

This video guides you through the setup of backup schedules for Oracle databases to your Unitrends Backup software or appliance using agents.

Learn how to do Microsoft SharePoint item-level recovery using Kroll and Unitrends Backup software.

This video guides you through the setup of backup schedules for Microsoft SharePoint to your Unitrends Backup software or appliance using agents.

In this Unitrends tutorial video, learn how to perform agent-based Microsoft Exchange backup for the database, and schedule backups.

In this tutorial video, learn how to perform Microsoft Exchange item-level restores with Kroll from your Exchange database backups with Unitrends.

See how to configure Hyper-V backups using Unitrends backup and disaster recovery solutions using Incremental Forever scheduling.

See how our server backup solutions enable backup and disaster recovery for your business.

Since opening in 1992, Waimānalo Health Center in Oahu Hawaii depended on tape to protect their data and applications. Now it no longer meets the need.

With 4000 new Ransomware attacks launched per day, hackers are evolving…and they’re getting rich at your expense.

Unitrends offers automated provisioning for instant access to test environments. Watch the demo now.

We were leveraging a variety of products which made for quite a mess. A few of the products were consistently inconsistent in their ability to get good and reliable backups. None of the products did everything we wanted.

IT professionals in the Healthcare industry know that two of their most critical challenges are recovering lost files and protecting against a ransomware attack.

Get the 2017 DRaaS Magic Quadrant. See why Gartner named Unitrends a Visionary for DraaS.

As Washington County’s data center grew to 7 TB, Commvault could not scale unless the organization was willing to commit to a major investment.

Rollins College uses their Banner Database to control several vital functions the college and it just had to be protected, no questions asked!

Backup Exec and Arcserve were not providing data protection for the hospital. Both products were very confusing to use and not helping to secure data.

The growing textile business protects roughly 2 TB of data, and the strain of using various solutions for different platforms was slowing productivity.

KBA’s existing backup, which used Backup Exec software and LTO tape, was not scalable and could not support Unix systems.

The District’s data included critical student information, financial records and health records, that were in jeopardy with Backup Exec.

“I needed a solution that restores data when I need it and will not break down without warning.” reported the IT Director of Hebron Schools.

KSBJ and NGEN rely on public donations. The records of those donations are the data used to track annual Sharathon funds that fund each fiscal year.

"With Unitrends, I’m confident that each backup that says that it succeeded is a success, as every test I’ve done comes back with a success."

Uhl turned to a Unitrends Recovery appliance to protect their entire environment - virtual servers, VMware hosts, and desktop clients.

USA Volleyball wanted a backup and data protection solution that could handle routine backups and had its own dedicated storage system.

The Salvation Army had their entire data center flood. Using a Unitrends they were able to fully restore TB of data to replacement servers.

In addition to offering a broad set of hardware and technologies, they provide a variety of price points to meet different business models.

Pet Supplies Plus was using a tape backup solution, which was incapable of protecting the company’s vital retail data files.

The Ralph Engelstad Arena needed a backup solution that was flexible enough to handle the large bursts of data activity. They chose a Unitrends Appliance.

Rogers County, OK runs applications for the Assessors Office, Planning Commission and Mapping Department and more. No government agency can lose its data.

Since QS/1 supports Pharma they must comply with HIPAA, EHNAC, and PCI computing standards. Learn why they concluded that Unitrends was the best solution.

They were searching for fast backup, a straightforward UI and flexibility with their environment. Read why they chose Unitrends Enterprise Backup software.

Sligro was concerned that their backup operations were taking too long and with Unitrends solutions they reduced their backup time by 23%.

A subsidiary of Amazon, LOVEFiLM was involved with several acquisitions. The commingling of companies left LOVEFiLM with a somewhat chaotic infrastructure.

SantaFe Senior Living choose Unitrends to consolidate backups and the Unitrends Cloud for off-site storage and disaster recovery services.

To protect their database of art files and logos, Ouray needed a backup solution that was faster and required less manpower than their current system.

Northeast Missouri was looking to upgrade their data protection system in order to get faster backup speeds and tighter security.

With a variety of servers over multiple locations, Nashville Wire Products was looking for a single solution of data backup.

360 Federal Credit Union needed to protect the information of more than 17,000 members to ensure that member data remained protected and available.

The IT team realized that they needed a backup solution. They chose Unitrends Forever Cloud and a Recovery Series appliance.

When the City of Lynchburg Virginia needed another DRaaS provider, they chose to move to Unitrends Backup Software.

IT had difficulty with the inflexibility of Backup Exec which triggered a search for a more efficient option for protecting their environment.

They choose Unitrends Recovery Series backup appliance because they liked disk-based backup and just about every agent was included their solution.

Due to data and network growth, Marvel’s tape system was insufficient and impossible to recover lost data or identifying the source of backup failures.

After exploring a number of different strategies they chose the Unitrends All-in-One Solution with cloud replication and backup to a local appliance.

A mid-sized manufacturer in the mid Atlantic region realized they needed to improve their backup and recovery capabilities, so they looked at Unitrends.

They were using tape and full backups took over a week. As a public traded company they also had to deal with SOX (Sarbanes - Oxley) compliance.

The Center for Disability Rights needed an all-in-one solution for backup and continuity for their very heterogeneous environment. They chose Unitrends.

The Air Zoo had all it could take with old tape backup solutions that were continuously failing to meet the company’s standards.

Unitrends addressed Glenroy’s issues of slow and unreliable backups and proved that data protection doesn’t have to be a tedious process.

The Unitrends solution works with Cisco UCS servers to provide a certified solution that protects all virtual and physical data center environments.

School District 211 began an initiative to update their backup and replication technology, with a strict budget and a timeline.

After deploying Unitrends American Advantage saw immediate benefits from the new user interface, which manages their backups easily and all in one place.

Their files literally hold life and death information on protected children so data loss and extended downtime is not an option.

Our old backup system required everyone to be logged out while we copied data to tapes. Now with Unitrends, we back up our servers several times a day

They chose Unitrends for backup and recovery of their Nutanix and Cisco servers but also for archiving in the cloud and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.

I was able to restore my server from a ransomware attack to a point before corruption within 30 minutes while connected with my cell phone.

With a widespread network of remote offices, managing and securing each of the locations’ data was a complicated and challenging task without Unitrends.

Unitrends was hands down the best option at the best price point that would allow us to quickly visualize and monitor our recovery readiness."

Charter Home's tape backup process was taking longer then 24 hours, meaning they couldn’t get one backup completed before the next one was scheduled.

Brownlee LLP is a regional law firm based in Calgary, Canada and must protect all their client's sensitive information from loss or attack.

McNeilus Steel implemented Unitrends Backup software to increase reliability of backups and restore and, streamline updates to key applications.

Floyd Medical Center was stuck with a legacy backup solution that was unable to capture and protect all their data nor meet all their HIPAA mandates.

Calverley Supply did not want to continue with risky and the multiple tape solutions to protect many and varied different IT operating systems and apps.

OMIC backups are archived to the Unitrends Forever Cloud and Unitrends DRaaS Services allows for quick recovery in the event of a declared emergency.

Lamar's Director of IT worked with Unitrends at a previous job and wanted the same level of protection and ease of operations.

Unitrends user interface makes it easy to see the technology at work with the capability to manage all protected systems in one single view.

BAC wanted to use tapes as their backup method but Backup Exec had frequent issues with jobs failing, low retention, and inefficient deduplication.

They realized they needed to invest in a reliable backup and DR solution, the schools would be at high risk for never fully recovering their infrastructure.

Genova Technologies decided to use Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud. They were aware that only minimal data protection is available from Microsoft.

The town is required to store all data for 7 years and needed a cost effective way to do it, something that the Veritas solution could not support.

As they are only a single location, they wanted the cloud as both a secondary storage location and where they could spin up their apps in a disaster.

The lack of any bare metal backup and recovery capabilities meant that in the event of a server failure, recovery of critical services could take weeks.

SmartPak needed to get backup copies of their data off-site to another location, away from their single location in Plymouth, Ma.

Backup Exec’s unreliable and slow performance reduced productivity for the IT department, but also daily operations in several of the county’s offices.

The company operated at several locations. They needed recovery to include off-site backups as well as instant recovery if the primary site goes down.

The upgrade caused a complete shutdown of all applications because the storage was incompatible with VMware's latest version. They needed a full restore.

Gerson reported that were mostly dealing with the - Oops I just deleted a critical file, types of issues until they were hit with a ransomware attack.

With Unitrends I don’t have to change tapes. I look in one place to make sure backups are taking place, test, and easily spin up a recovery server.

Life's Abundance overcame a ransomware issue. Using Unitrends Recovery Services, within 2 hours they were fully operational again.

Unitrends provided not only a simple backup and recovery solution but also it lent itself well to our cyber security and data protection policies.

I was backing up one of the Virtual Machines using Barracuda Backup and was unable to restore it due to a known issue with the appliance software. I knew I had to find a better solution.

Prior to Unitrends, our previous kludgey solution meant that backup schedules and rotations were often neglected by many of our clients.

Problems of slow backups, reliability and high costs were preventing the county government from having a secure IT infrastructure.

Unitrends Boomerang has the same or better feature set of other much more expensive cloud backup and management solutions.

Unitrends has a licensing model that fits our needs now and allows for flexibility as our backup clients may change in the future.

Enterprise-grade Backup and Continuity on an Education Budget. Read a case study of Taylor Community School's backup and recovery solution.

IT pros know best—you should ALWAYS back up your data. But no one’s perfect, and sometimes end users simply forget.

Unitrends conducted a survey of a range of IT professionals responsible for protecting data footprints of less than 10 TB of data up through over 100 TB.

See this infographic for the 5 cornerstones of a successful Backup and Continuity solution by choosing an pre-integrated, secure, hardened backup appliance.

95% of small businesses are using the Cloud in some capacity. This infographic explores the rise of cloud computing and the rapid adoption of Office 365.

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts victim’s files with unbreakable encryption and then demands payment. See how to beat thesee attacks.

This eBook lends insight into the level of sophistication and ease of proliferation of ransomware attacks. Learn about what you can do to defeat ransomware.

"Unitrends raises the bar on free data protection...Includes functionality that is often unavailable even in full versions of competing products."

Read the Taneja Group Analyst Review of Unitrends Release 9.0: “Simple and Powerful Data Protection for the Whole Data Center”.

This ESG Lab review documents hands-on testing of the Recovery Series appliances with a focus on simplified data protection, agility and recoverability.

Report by DCIG: The Unitrends Recovery 943S is best equipped for hybrid cloud backup and recovery when compared to Barracuda 995 and 1090.

DCIG investigates: Unitrends’ Recovery 814S Provides Hybrid Cloud Backup Not Found in the Dell DL1000. Read the full report.

Primary and secondary storage requirements are growing at 40% year over year, which can make a “disk-only” protection strategy economically unfeasible.

This report covers the history of cloud-based backup and recovery as well as best practices for companies implementing cloud-based data protection.

More models from Unitrends received the top Recommended and Excellent honors than all other vendors combined. See DCIG's backup appliance ratings.

This White Paper defines the evolving next innovation in business protection – IT Resilience (ITR) – and why it’s growing more important to organizations struggling to protect their data and operations from downtime.

Read the Unitrends Partner Program Framework Agreement for details about the Unitrends Partner Program.

Read the UniRewards Program Terms document for details about the program.

We offer learning paths tailored to meet the needs of different levels of expertise and roles delivered in a variety of on-demand and interactive formats.

Learn more about the benefits of the Unitrends Partner Program and how to grow your business with the leader who is redefining recovery solutions and cloud.

Change Makers and Visionaries understand that in today’s digital world, protecting their ideas and keeping their businesses running is essential.

Unitrends All-in-one Enterprise Backup and Continuity Solutions Video. Thank you for your interest in Unitrends Backup makes your job easier.

Recently VMware confirmed a serious issue involving this API with VMs with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) enabled. Are you capable of handling this?

While Microsoft takes measures to ensure service availability, it’s up to you to back up your Office 365 so that permanent data loss doesn’t occur.

The V10 solution offers a new approach that redefines backup and continuity and dramatically increases productivity and confidence.

The shifts in delivery of storage, compute, networking and virtualization into hyperconverged environments can make you want to tear your hair out trying to protect it.

Gartner reported a 75% increase in production implementations of DRaaS in 2015. Learn haw DRaaS can benefit your business.

Many workloads are moving to the cloud. While not all workloads are equal, they do all matter. Find out in this Unitrends video.

We’ll run through 5 key business continuity use cases to highlight how cloud-based solutions help with backup, recovery and business continuity.

This compatibility and interoperability matrix provides information about operating systems, platforms, and applications that are supported by Unitrends.

Now is the time that you hope that your continuity solution is so easy that even your boss could do it - without the manual.

There are a new set of recovery rules and you need to be armed with the right questions to ask your vendor to stay ahead of the curve.

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, you can learn from 1,000 of your peers as to why they made the move (or not) and what challenges they face.

Learn how Recovery Assurance is an absolutely crucial component of any DR plan and how to choose a DRaaS provider needs to be on your list of options.

The 3-2-1 backup rule is a revered and time-honored backup strategy. Sounds reasonable – right. So why does it suck? Find out in this webcast.

Learn about a set of free tools that will allow you to understand your data so you can plan for your backup and recovery needs.

An overview of cloud backup and recovery options, advantages and challenges of cloud backup, and how the Unitrends Cloud can help.

We cover the top BU and Recovery predictions for 2016, the high cost of not having a DR plan, a checklist for starting 2016 on the right path and more.

Get answers to your questions about VM migration, failover, failback, and DR testing with Boomerang.

Learn more about long-term retention in the Unitrends Forver Cloud by reading these Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about Unitrends NDMP NAS Protection and supported versions in these Frequently Asked Questions.

See the FAQs about deploying Unitrends Backup in Microsoft Azure as an off-site, secondary location for backup copies.

Unitrends Boomerang provides orchestrated, automated, VM migration, and protection. Local disasters happen. Introducing Boomerang's capabilities.

If ransomware hasn't held you data hostage yet, it's only a matter of time. Join us to learn the news rules of recovery – no matter what.

It’s time to re-imagine your approach to continuity. Downtime is never an option. Had enough of failing backups? Discover The 7 New Rules of Recovery

So you have a Cloud-based DRaaS Plan, or you are considering one. But do you have the right plan? Having the wrong Cloud DR can be its own disaster.

Learn how automation, simplification, consolidation, and replication functionality from Unitrends will increase your productivity.

How do you know if you’ve been infected without having to wait on a user to report? And what do you do once you know? Let Unitrends help.

You deal with an onslaught of potential technology breakdowns all the time. Ransomware, natural disasters, backup failures, and sabotage.

Unitrends beats Zerto with reduced cloud costs, less management, and one-step failback and restore.

See why Unitrends beats Arcserve. Customers choose Unitrends for reduced risk, cost, and recovery times.

Unitrends beats Veeam with cloud empowerment, data protection for physical and virtual, and all-in-one enteprise backup and continuity.

Commvault equals complexity, but simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. See why more and more IT professionals are turning to Unitrends.

Barracuda users don't have flexibility and confidence that their data and applications are fully protected and can be recovered 100% of the time.

There's a reason that almost 20,000 IT pros have chosen Unitrends while Rubrik's customer base is only in the hundreds.

If you work in Healthcare IT do you know how to meet the unique data protection and business continuity needs your industry demands?

Future Proofing IT and Your Job using AWS & Backup

When you’re managing more IT systems than you can count, a set it and forget it approach seems great but does it work for backup and recovery or will it put your data at risk?

Avoiding death and taxes have been around since the dawn of civilized society, so too has IT dealt with the inevitability of where to point the finger when managing backup mishaps.

See how software support for Unitrends Boomerang can help you get the most out of your VMware-Amazon Web Services hybrid cloud environment.

Hybrid Clouds offer many benefits, but the application and configuration can be complicated. See how Unitrends Boomerang simplifies the process.

Read excerpts vExpert and technical blogger Ryan Mangan’s product review of Boomerang and exploration of cloud-bursting.

Boomerang can help free up capacity in on-premise virtualization environments by migrating Protection Groups (PGs) or certain VMs into AWS.

In the event of an outage, Boomerang can be used as an effective disaster recovery solution that gets your pivotal VMs back fast.

Learn more about how to manage VMsprawl using Unitrends Boomerang VM Migration. Technology expert Brien Posey discusses in a 3-part article series.

With one, super-easy console you could automate your on-premises and cloud workload backups, and even copy your server backups in Azure.

Use Boomerang to migrate your VMs. Follow this datasheet’s 4 illustrated steps to recover and migrate VMs from VMware to AWS.

VM sprawl occurs when your network has more VMs than it can manage properly – this can lead to problems as virtual systems become overwhelmed.

Boomerang creates a bridge between your VMware vSphere environment and Amazon Web Services. Read on to get started.

Boomerang is the choice of companies looking to protect their VMs in the Azure cloud, or migrate their VMs out of their data center.

Boomerang is the choice of companies looking to protect their VMs in the AWS cloud, or migrate their VMs out of their data center.

Unitrends Educational Services provides high quality learning so you get the most from the Unitrends all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity.

Unitrends is trusted by IT pro’s who know that in today’s digital world, protecting their ideas and keeping their business running is non-negotiable.

Our backup and IT experts are ready to help, whether you want remote assistance, video call walk-throughs, or on-site service.

Maintaining your partnership with Unitrends allows us to help you deal with all the challenges you face in your ever-changing digital world.

See how the features stack up when you use Microsoft Office 365 and Unitrends Cloud Backup together.

Unitrends offers a robust set of free tools you can use to jump start your backup and recovery planning to protect your critical data and applications.

Enhance business continuity by protecting your most valuable asset – your data – with Unitrends Backup in the Azure Cloud.

Procedures in this guide cover supported features for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup appliances with the legacy 9.0 User Interface.

Enhance business continuity by protecting your most valuable asset – your data – with Unitrends Backup in the AWS Cloud.

A look at how Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup compare to traditional backup software, and deployment options for your environment.

Unitrends Enterprise Plus editions offer greater protection, recovery and IT resilience - available for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup.

You can establish disaster recovery systems that support any technology or business strategy — and it will always work when you need it the most.

Unitrends Backup software for Microsoft Azure gives you the capability to create a virtual machine to protect your Azure-based workloads.

Ransomware is malware that encrypts files with unbreakable encryption and demands payment in bitcoins, in order to unlock and get your data back.

This integrated AWS and Unitrends solution addresses your cloud data protection requirements, enabling retention, recovery, and business continuity.

Deleted items in Office 365 may be unrecoverable before anyone realizes the needed files are missing. Read on to see how Unitrends can help.

With over 100 TBs of storage, these large appliances combine a greater storage capacity with increased performance and efficiency.

This white paper illustrates how an easy to use and flexible cloud infrastructure can be a solution for your backup and recovery requirements.

IT professionals need more than just backup, they need to find a continuity solution that includes backup, recovery and the cloud.

The innovative Unitrends Pledge program ensures you maintain a leading-edge backup complete with the newest technologies and capabilities.

This white paper outlines a 3-step plan that can show you how Unitrends backup and continuity solutions can help you make downtime history.

Expanded Office 365 licenses and features offer unlimited retention, but don’t provide a fast, easy path to recovery. See how Unitrends recovers Office 365.

This white paper outlines the various approaches to deduplication, their strengths and weaknesses, and introduces a different way, Adaptive Deduplication.

Review critical backup and recovery plans and see if they meet your specific RTOs, RPOs as well as Service Level Agreements.

Premium DRaaS is an enhanced DR service option that includes a 1-hour spin-up service level agreement (SLA) and Recovery Assurance.

The Unitrends Cloud manages over 100 PBs of customer data in SSAE 16 certified cloud data centers in five countries.

Unitrends conducted a survey of IT professionals and this infographic shares their strategies regarding their implementation of Cloud-based solutions.

Procedures in this guide cover supported features for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup appliances with the legacy 9.1 User Interface.

First was Data Backup and Recovery, then DRaaS. This White Paper defines the evolving next innovation in business protection – IT Resilience (ITR).

Solving these problems used to mean a lot of work. So much so, that IT often just takes on the risk of not doing it. Now there’s a better way with Unitrends SLA Policy Automation.

Procedures in this guide cover supported features for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup appliances with the 9.2 User Interface.

This eBook examines the "5 must haves" needed to most effectively implement a backup and disaster recovery strategy to handle exponential growth

This paper provides five steps to protect from the excessive downtime, data loss and business disruption of a ransomware attack.

Learn about new versions, the latest promotions, the tools of the trade, real-world attacks and most importantly, what you can do to defeat ransomware.

Unitrends protects the IT assets of education institutions ranging from K-12 to major universities using thousands of Unitrends products daily.

From 24x7x365 availability to electronic health records (EHRs), healthcare institutions face a unique set of data protection requirements.

Unitrends recovery and continuity solutions are easier to deploy and provide higher confidence that data is protected with quick and easy recovery

A powerful combination of products that reduces power and space, provides a hyperconverged platform of backup hardware, software and security.

The combination of Cisco UCS and Unitrends speeds time to value, lowers costs, and increases confidence that apps will be protected and always recover.

Unitrends has a long history of protecting the assets of education, with institutions ranging from small local school districts to major universities.

From 24x7x365 availability to ultra-proprietary electronic health records (EHRs), healthcare institutions face a unique set of data protection requirements

In addition to offering a broad set of hardware and technologies, they provide a variety of price points to meet different business models.

DCIG evaluated 130 backup appliances — more all-in-one appliances from Unitrends received the highest ranking than all other vendors combined.

This eBook will teach you how to transform backup and recovery to meet the challenges of today’s digital world. Learn the 7 New Rules of Recovery.

Read this eBook to see how data can be lost in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, and how to make sure your company and users are protected.

See how others have increased their confidence in delivering continuity with the cloud for their business.

In a reality where IT pros have to do more with less, this eBook examines the "5 must haves" needed to most effectively implement a backup and recovery strategy.

Get a look inside Unitrends Office 365 Backup. Ensure your applications are protected.

Get a look inside the simplest, most cost effective VMware DR solution available.

Watch an on demand demo of Unitrends Backup and Recovery Series Appliances.

Join a live demo of Unitrends Backup and Recovery Series appliances.