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Unexpected IT Disaster Recovery Failures: 5 Hidden Risks Demystified - A forensic approach to IT disaster recovery planning.

The IT Admin’s Guide to Avoiding Data Recovery Failures One Page White Paper Scenarios IT Admins Should Avoid To Ensure Data Recovery

Unexpected IT Disaster Recovery Failures: Hidden Risks Checklist One-page checklist of inter-dependencies that most IT admins forget about when they backup data.

For the fifth year in a row, Unitrends conducted a survey on the state of data backup and recovery. Find out how you compare to your peers on the critical job of data and application protection.


In 5 minutes, we will show you how YOU can implement a simple, yet complete backup and DR strategy for less cost, less management and a lot less anxiety. You’ll be able to PROVE it works. And it’s future-proofed as your data grows and moves to the cloud.

The survey found that despite a slew of new data protection tools, organizations continue to lose data and experience downtime at alarmingly high rates.

Many forms of cloud storage are no longer just a nice-to-have, but an essential part of an enterprise data protection strategy.

SaaS data protection is no longer “bleeding edge” technology as it is widely deployed by best-in-class organizations using the cloud for advanced data protection.


Gone are the days of a single data center containing the entire computing infrastructure of an organization. We have evolved to a multicloud environment. So how do you protect everything with no gaps and without spending dozens of hours of effort per week?

What's the best strategy for protecting applications and data in a hyperconverged infrastructure, such as Nutanix? Watch this webinar for discussion of the key decision points and innovative technologies to consider for protecting your environment from downtime and disasters: Backup, archiving, granular restores, offsite replication, and DRaaS.

This report examines in detail the findings about Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. Most importantly, we found a direct relationship between the use of DRaaS, very fast recoveries, and reduced downtime.

Keeping everything forever is not a strategy, not keeping enough will get you fired! As the industry shifts from just managing backups to managing data, IT has new options to assist the process.

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