Backup & Recovery Resources

The Unitrends product brief gives an overview of Unified BCDR solution and how it provides end-to-end protection against cyberthreats.

The Unitrends infographic explains the impact of a data breach on business continuity and how a BCDR solution mitigates the impact.

The Unitrends MSP checklist shows how your MSP can better position cloud backup offerings to current clients and prospects.

Download the Cybersecurity Incident Response for Higher Education checklist to learn about the six key steps to build an effective incident response plan.

This checklist details the five pillars of a Unified BCDR solution that helps you detect and mitigate ransomware attacks.

Learn the the do’s and don’ts to ensure your incident response plays out exactly the way it’s intended in order to avoid data breaches.

Download the Unitrends checklist to build a case for a business continuity and disaster recovery solution to get approvals from a reluctant leadership.

Download the Unitrends checklist to ensure your technology and data are protected during the hurricane season.

Download the Unitrends Spring Continuity Cookbook 2022 to learn how Unitrends Unified BCDR simplifies backup and recovery for IT pros.

Learn to create an effective incident response plan that prepares organizations against an unpredictable threat landscape.

See how Unitrends helped NIC Partners delights its clients with complete, cost-effective backup and continuity services.

Download the eBook to learn how to build a cyber assurance framework, comply with your cyber insurance policy and how Unitrends Unified BCDR can help.

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