Backup & Recovery Resources

Listen to the Unitrends webinar recording to implement a completely dependable, affordable and expert Plan B with Unitrends BCDR.

The Myth vs. Reality eBook demystifies the common myths surrounding Microsoft 365 and details everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 backup.

Monsters lurk in your server closet enabling data loss and downtime, effectively bleeding businesses dry.


The Unitrends Ransomware eBook gives you an insight into the latest cybercriminal trends and how you can effectively tackle ransomware attacks.

Monsters lurk in server closets, looking to attack the weakest firewall of any business – its employees. Human error is still the primary cause of data loss and many cyber predators lurk in the dark waiting for the perfect mistake.

Listen to the on-demand webinar which helps IT professionals in the education sector build a solid BCDR strategy.

Watch the Business Security Weekly to find out why IT pros today need more than just backups. Learn more.

Watch the recording - BCDR Bootcamp BiteSize #2 on how to solve new business continuity challenges with a solution-focused methodology.

This national manufacturing company experienced one of an IT administrator’s worst nightmares—a network-wide ransomware attack that took down critical servers. Read how the IT admin saved the day with Unitrends.

On the surface, IT professionals seem calm and collected. However, deep down, they know something is lurking in their server closet — monsters that snatch and steal precious data.

Monsters lurk in your server closet with one simple agenda — to snatch and steal all that is precious to any business and IT department — your data.

Customer success is the language of Unitrends. From small startups to large enterprises, our customers have achieved innumerable wins using our innovative products and solutions.

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