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Threat actors and cyber criminals perpetrating Ransomware attacks have upped their game. As of September 2020, ransomware has accounted for 25% of cyberattacks remediated this year by IBM’s Security X-Force. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, IBM reported the number of attacks tripled throughout Q2. Focus shifted to organizations that have little tolerance of downtime, such as manufacturing, as well as those who’ve rapidly increased digital operations, including schools and telemedicine healthcare providers. One of the new trends making ransomware all the more intractable is the Extortion/Ransom model, where sensitive data is released publicly where ransoms go unpaid.

At Unitrends, we believe it requires a coordinated, multi-pronged effort to achieve victory. Like how a Quarterback relies on his offensive line and skill players to orchestrate a successful offense on the football field, Unitrends enables a layered approach to business continuity. From backup and disaster recovery to dark web monitoring and anomalous threat detection, we’ve got the starting lineup you can depend on to lead your team to victory. In this webinar, we’ll break down the film on the latest trends across the league and share more about the Unitrends players key to the foundation of any championship roster.