Savvy Users Recognize Unitrends Recovers More Than Veeam


Improving backup/recovery and BC/DR are among the top ten IT priorities for organization of all sizes1.  In particular, IT administrators need to reduce the complexity of managing recovery as data growth continues unabated and IT increases the use of cloud in their environments.

Unlike Veeam, Unitrends provides an integrated all-in-one solution for complete data and business continuity protection of your entire IT environment that adapts to fit your needs.  Unitrends protects all of your physical and virtual servers, and provides the industry’s most comprehensive cloud recovery solution.  Unitrends new radically easy user experience is designed to save IT time and reduce the complexity of recovery by uniting all facets of local and cloud recovery a under a single vendor.

Veeam simply does not have the capabilities to match Unitrends.  For example, Veeam doesn’t want to talk to customers about physical servers, and doesn’t offer their own cloud solution, leading customers to have to deploy multiple vendors to get complete workload coverage and to get copies of their data offsite.   Veeam requires users to adopt to their definition of a modern data center.  Unitrends flexibility allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs now and in the future and is one of the reasons why we have consistently maintained an industry leading 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Why Choose Unitrends over Veeam

Better protection of heterogeneous environments

Veeam focuses on selling software to backup only for virtualized workloads. Users with native Windows, Linux or Unix workloads are forced to look for a second solution to run next to Veeam, adding expense and complexity to your environment.   Don’t fall for Veeam’s answer to physical backup. Veeam Endpoint Backup focuses on protecting Windows laptops and desktop, has limited capabilities and no guaranteed support - in other words, you are on your own!  And according to IDC, while over 75% of workloads will be virtualized in 2016, 79% of servers deployed will still dedicated to physical, non-virtualized roles.
Unitrends focuses on offering integrated solutions for continuity and backup that include hardware backup appliances, software, and cloud offerings.  We protect over 220 different versions of hypervisors, applications and OS.   Easily protect every workload from a single interface with Unitrends.

Better virtualization protection

We hear a common complaint from Veeam users as they struggle to achieve short RPOs and complete their backups in the required time windows. Veeam relies exclusively on performing backups via VM snapshots.  They are unable to do application or OS aware backups that would shrink the size of each backup and reduce the time it takes to perform the backup.  As a result, Veeam users complain of performance impacts when performing backups of certain workloads such as large, high-performance databases and Exchange mail systems.
Unitrends supports Host OS (HOS) based, agentless backups as well, which are ideal for many workloads.  However, for workloads that require a more granular approach to achieve better performance or tighter RPO windows, Unitrends provides deep virtual protection.   Unitrends can utilize a context aware agent, if required, to make sure backups complete in the provided window and application performance is maintained.
Unitrends also protects a broader set of virtual platforms including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, KVM and Oracle VM, including deep virtual protection.  Veeam only protects vSphere and Hyper-V virtual machines.

Eliminate complexity with a single solution 

Veeam’s answer to cloud is simply this:  Talk to someone else.  Veeam’s answer for deduplication:  Talk to someone else.  Physical server support: same answer.  In each case, Veeam wants their customers to work with another vendor to solve a critical need, increasing complexity and potential finger-pointing. 
Veeam does not have an integrated cloud solution, relying solely on partners to deliver the ability to get copies of backup offsite.  Unitrends provides multiple cloud offers so our customer can find the right solution for their requirements.  Customers who require a complete integrated cost-effective cloud storage and DR solution can choose Unitrends Cloud, available in Unitrends operated datacenters around the globe.  Unitrends white-glove cloud solution provides a single point of contact to work with during your DR crisis. Unitrends also offers the option to move backup copies to low cost hyper-scale cloud providers such Amazon, Google, Rackspace or a variety of Unitrends Service Provider partners.
Veeam’s deduplication technology is not strong, frequently requiring customers to deploy expensive deduplication appliances in order to achieve acceptable deduplication.  Unitrends superior adaptive deduplication results in more backups and less storage required.

Better user experience

A superior user experience can be critical to reducing the amount of time backup and recovery takes for IT and reducing errors that can result in failed recovery attempts.
Unitrends provides a solution that includes everything users need within a single product running in a pre-integrated hardware or software solution running in a single VM.   This includes backup, replication, adaptive deduplication, cloud integration, instant recovery, reporting and more.   Veeam requires multiple VMs to be deployed to deliver additional functionality, such as reporting. 
Unitrends new user experience dramatically lowers click counts compared to Veeam.  For example, Unitrends Release 9.0 takes 3 clicks to perform a backup, compared to 14 clicks for Veeam2

Better value

Unitrends is fanatically focused on delivering value to our customers.  Unitrends Enterprise Backup is priced so customers can protect more for less money with better functionality.  With 5 editions from Unitrends Free to Essentials to Enterprise Plus, customers can choose the level of protection that is ideal for their budget and environment.  
Unitrends tightly integrated software appliances eliminate the labor costs required by less integrated solutions, such as Veeam.  In addition, Unitrends lowers costs by not requiring a separate Windows license, as Veeam requires.
Veeam has consistently increased prices year-over-year for the past 7 years. Unitrends delivers better value and more cost certainty with no year-after-year price increases.

Better Continuity

Both Veeam and Unitrends provide the ability to automatically test and verify protected VMs and applications for recoverability.  However, only Unitrends is able to do this for vSphere, Hyper-V, and physical Windows workloads and protect and certify workloads in the Unitrends Cloud.  The powerful combination of features available in the Unitrends Cloud, including Unitrends DRaaS and Recovery Assurance in the cloud, means IT can have absolute confidence that their backup and DR environment will be there when they need them.
Unitrends also provides a wider array of instant recovery options than Veeam such as support of Windows Instant Recovery and VMware and Hyper-V IR.



Feature Benefit Unitrends Veeam
vSphere and Hyper-V protection Protect virtualized workloads on the top 2 virtualizaton platforms
Citrix XenServer, KVM and Oracle VM protection Popular open source hypervisors that may be the core to your local or cloud environments
Physical Server Support Protect mission critical and high performance server that are frequently not virtualized.
HOS Level / Agentless Backup Easier deployment and management for most workloads
Deep virtual: Application / OS Aware Backup Better RPO and performance for demanding workloads
Instant Recovery (VMware,HyperV) Rapidly recover a virtual machine using backup data
Windows Instant Recovery Rapidly recover a physical Windows workload using backup data and backup system resources
Integrated Cloud A single vendor for all local and cloud based recovery needs
Multiple Cloud Providers Maximum flexibility for getting copies of data offsite. Limited
DRaaS Automated test of backup and DR for 100% confidence
Recovery Assurance Automated test of backup and DR for 100% confidence Limited
Deduplication Reduce the amount of storage required for backup Limited
No hidden cost pricing Cost consistency Annual Price Increase

What our Customers Say:

“This improved our backup window from 12 hours down to about 2 hours. This has probably saved about $15K in FTE resources a year with the straightforward approach to administration of the system.” -David Kennedy, Financial Asset Management Systems

“160 pounds of backup awesomeness.” -Clandis S., Lincoln Memorial

“The thing I really like about the Unitrends solutions is that we installed it and it just worked.” -Michael Bush, Wes-Dell Community Schools

“Never before have we been able to combine backup, DR and storage in one tightly integrated package.” -Roland Welsch, Jefferson County Local Government

“It does it all and it does it well! There has not been one thing I wanted our system to do since we purchased it that it can’t.” -Mike Stewart, Blue Ridge School District

“Unitrends just has the better product. It’s easier to use, more intuitive and has better performance” -Darren Boeck, McNeilus Steel

“The user interface is so simple and easy to use. It’s completely point-and-click, and it just does exactly what you are looking for” -David Blair, Englestad Arena

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1 - Source: ESG Research Report: 2015 Trends in Data Protection
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