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The need for 24/7 applications, data availability and improved staff efficiency to provide superior patient care, has accelerated digital transformation for healthcare organizations globally. This shift has dramatically increased IT demands and reliance on IT professionals.

To provide reliable healthcare services with greater accuracy and efficiency, healthcare organizations must do away with legacy backup solutions and reimagine their backup and recovery strategies. Deploying a state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution will not only empower IT admins and ensure your backups are secure, but also guarantee quick recovery when disaster strikes.

To help healthcare organizations begin the shift from a traditional approach of backup and recovery to a solution-focused approach, we’ve come up with a comprehensive whitepaper, New Rules of Recovery. By implementing our solution-focused approach, you can enable IT to deliver tangible benefits to your organization and meet the unique challenges of a digital world, today and tomorrow.

This whitepaper outlines the New Rules of Recovery for Healthcare organizations including:

  • Robust business continuity solution should be manageable, automated and proactive
  • You should fine tune your approach to data protection to support remote healthcare
  • Your backups must be secured
  • And more…