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Several state and local governments are embracing digital transformation to better engage with citizens and provide superior public services. While such undertakings offer opportunities for innovation and growth, they also open the doors to a wide variety of cyberthreats.

To support these initiatives, IT pros engaged with state and local government agencies require a robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution to ensure 24/7 application uptime and availability. Deploying a state-of-the-art BCDR solution will not only empower IT admins and ensure backups are secure, but also, facilitate quick recovery when disaster strikes.

To help state and local governments start the transition from a traditional approach of backup and recovery to a solution-focused approach, we’ve come up with a comprehensive whitepaper, New Rules of Recovery. By implementing our solution-focused approach, you can enable IT to deliver tangible benefits to your organization and meet the unique challenges of a digital world, today and tomorrow.

This whitepaper outlines the New Rules of Recovery for state and local governments including:

  • How to achieve robust data protection without inviting unnecessary complexity.
  • How to secure backup and user data from threats such as ransomware and account takeovers.
  • And more…