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This summer, get ready to liven up your spirits and reinforce data protection strategies with the Summer Continuity Cookbook.

This cookbook is dedicated to IT heroes like you who go against all odds to ensure business and data remain safe and protected.

The Summer Continuity Cookbook includes refreshing cocktail recipes and robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions to spice up your summer and data protection — all at the same time.

Say cheers to worry-free summer holidays by eliminating data protection complexities and stress. Discover how Unitrends helps you do more in less time so you can focus on spending that time with your loved ones or on strategic initiatives.

The Summer Continuity Cookbook covers:
• No more getting salty over failed backups (Salty Dog Cocktail and Mocktail)
• Smash ransomware with Unitrends (Gin Basil Smash)
• Let the good times Aperol with Recovery Assurance (Aperol Spritz Cocktail)
• And more