We’re honoured to be a part of the 2022 DCIG TOP 5 Midsize Enterprise VMware vSphere Backup. DCIG identified over 30 solutions suitable for protecting applications, data, and workloads on VMware vSphere. Of these, sixteen met DCIG’s definition of a midsize enterprise VMware vSphere backup solution.

DCIG examined how well each solution is optimized for backup and recovery of vSphere environments with up to ten thousand virtual machines (VMs), supports leading guest operating systems (OSes), integrates with and create application-consistent backups for leading Microsoft applications, enables block, file, and cloud storage backup media targets, provides multiple restore options for VM file data and images, and email, phone, and web chat support.

Download the 5-page report to see how each solution differs and the specific features that set them apart, helping organizations select the best solution for their environment.