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Data is exploding at a massive scale. With remote work becoming the new norm and quick adoption of SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, data is now everywhere — in data centers, remote endpoints, in multiple cloud environments and SaaS applications. This scattered data is under constant threat from cybercriminals and clumsy employees.

To manage and protect this sheer volume of data, IT pros today need much more than just backups. They need a Unified BCDR solution that can protect all workloads no matter where they live, saving them time and effort.

Watch the Business Security Weekly interview featuring Joseph Noonan, General Manager at Unitrends and a host of speakers to find out how Unitrends Unified BCDR:

  • Helps IT pros protect all workloads
  • Provides end-to-end protection against cybercrime and human error
  • Simplifies complex system with automation and artificial intelligence
  • Empowers your teams to do more in less time, allowing them to work on more important projects

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