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State and local governments are undergoing rapid digital transformation to better engage with citizens and provide superior public services. While such undertakings offer opportunities for innovation and growth, they also introduce unique challenges for IT professionals engaged with state and local governments.

To safeguard critical citizen data, governments and other assets while ensuring uptime and availability of applications and services and meeting regulatory requirements, a robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution is a must. However, choosing an advanced BCDR solution can be cumbersome and daunting, especially with hundreds of vendors and technologies emerging in storage, infrastructure, data management and continuity.

To help you choose the right BCDR solution for your organization, we have come up with a concise checklist. This checklist is broken down into five categories to help you understand the different options that exist in the market today.

  1. Protection for all workloads
  2. Downtime and data loss
  3. Cyberthreats and other security considerations
  4. Regulatory compliance
  5. Support for non-savvy users