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Watch the BCDR Back 2 School Huddle to hear how Unitrends is making Unified BCDR accessible for the education sector.

Several state and local governments are embracing digital transformation to better engage with citizens and provide superior public services. While such undertakings offer opportunities for innovation and growth, they also open the doors to a wide variety of cyberthreats.

The Continuity Cookbook: Spring Edition prepares multifunctional IT professionals for the long hours of grilling in the data center, and in the kitchen.

To help primary, secondary, and higher education organisations bolster their IT security and backup and recovery strategy, we have come up with a concise checklist. This checklist includes valuable tips to maximise your productivity and data protection and help you stay prepared when disaster strikes.

To help you choose the right BCDR solution for your organization, we have come up with a concise checklist. This checklist is broken down into five categories to help you understand the different options that exist in the market today.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about the tales of great IT heroics and how you can empower your IT pros with a Unified BCDR solution.

Recovery Series backup appliances automate manual tasks, eliminate management hassle, and deliver tested hardware and software resilience.

If you're ready to ditch a siloed, legacy approach to BCDR and embrace a cloud-empowered platform where success is measured in the outcome, download our eBook today.

Digital technologies in the healthcare industry have undergone a rapid transformation. While this brings a host of opportunities, it also introduces new and unique challenges. IT professionals in healthcare organizations are tasked with meeting the burgeoning demand for application uptime and availability and protecting the rapidly growing data records.

Given the 24x7x365 always-on nature of the healthcare industry, IT pros are constantly faced with a unique set of challenges. Healthcare IT admins must be on guard to ensure application uptime and availability, highly proprietary EHR content is safe from emerging cyberthreats and complex regulatory requirements are met.

The need for 24/7 applications and data availability and improved staff efficiency in order to provide superior patient care, has accelerated digital transformation for healthcare organizations globally. This shift has dramatically increased IT demands and reliance on IT professionals.

To support increasingly distributed workloads and workforces, you must have a complete approach to data protection with a solution agile enough to address gaps in BCDR outside of the traditional datacenter.

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