Low-Touch Backup
& Cloud Data Protection

No Assembly Required.

Simple Cloud Data Protection

Unitrends cutting edge technology automates manual tasks, eliminates management hassle, and delivers tested hardware and software resilience for hands-free backup and disaster recovery.

All-in-One Convenience, Hassle Free Installation

Unitrends all-in-one appliances add immediate value to your organization. They come preconfigured with hardware, software, and networking so you can go from box to backup in minutes.

All-in-One Protection

One Phone Call Does it All. No Fingerpointing Allowed.

Single vendor, award-winning support from Unitrends experts for all of your needs: backup, offsite, retention, cloud, and DRaaS. No fingerpointing or multivendor runaround. Just fast results from our own highly trained, US-based backup and cloud specialists.

Award-winning, premium support from Unitrends experts for all of your needs 24/7/365:

One endpoint for support

Take DR Off Your Worry List

Unitrends purpose-built cloud and white glove services provide comprehensive Disaster Recovery‚Äďas-a-Service (DRaaS). Recover your critical VMs, physical servers, or cloud workloads in under an hour with a single phone call.

Total DRaaS coverage

Effortless SLA Policy Compliance

Unitrends appliances control the initiation and flow of backups and backup copies through a single, simple policy. Easily set RPOs, RTOs, where data should go, and how long it should be kept. Unitrends automates the entire underlying process, including the analytics and business-level reporting of compliance with those SLAs.

Automate SLA policy compliance

Automatic Recoverability Testing

Unitrends Recovery Assurance automatically tests full application restorations, measures recovery time and recovery points, analyzes compliance with SLAs, identifies potential threats to recovery and proactively recommends steps for correcting them. Make your life and backup easy with Unitrends.

All-in-One Protection

Take control of your data protection with Unitrends.