Backup and Recovery for Manufacturing

The Solution Overview

Unitrends helps meet the demands of a manufacturing environment quickly and easily. Manufacturing schedules require near-continuous availability of infrastructure, applications and data. Government and industry regulations, including mandates from the FDA, EPA, and SEC, require the short and long-term retention of data, increasing the cost of storage for manufacturing companies.

Unitrends offers an all-in-one backup and recovery solutions for all sectors of manufacturing. Radically easy to use and best-in-class business continuity and disaster recovery solutions bring your existing data center under control. Unitrends enables IT teams to meet all of the unique demands of a manufacturing environment quickly and easily. Unitrends is currently deployed in hundreds of manufacturing organizations around the world. Let Unitrends help you protect your business from data loss and ransomware attacks.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery For All Of Your Data & Applications

Unitrends all-in-one solutions protect and recover more than 250 unique platforms – everything from legacy servers and storage to hypervisors and the cloud – seamlessly. We help you address all technologies on the manufacturing floor and get powerful recovery services for your entire data center.

The system’s user interface can be customized to match the specific needs of your manufacturing environment. Easy tools let users tailor the immediate visual details to enable decision-making and trigger appropriate actions.

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Automated, Storage Efficient Archival And Retention Meet Compliance Needs

Unitrends solutions automate retention of your data and applications and built-in deduplication ensures the most efficient utilization of storage. Using our radically simple user interface, instantly set your servers, VMs, data and applications to retain and archive backups for the length of time and in the location you need. Keep recent data close at hand for fast recovery times, while maintaining monthly, quarterly, or annual backups in the Cloud. Keep them any where from 2 weeks to forever.

Unitrends developed a system that is flexible, scalable, and grows with your manufacturing operations. We provide scale out appliances at local and remote sites and and allow you to manage them all from a single pane of glass.

Automated Recovery Assurance, Testing And Compliance Reports

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tests for SLA, compliance and archival requirements are automated with the Unitrends Recovery Assurance. Unitrends solutions will automatically test application recovery and generate executive-ready reports delivered right to your inbox.

Recovery Assurance can greatly ease the burden on IT by saving time on tasks ranging from daily backup to complex DR testing. Now you can focus on other strategic manufacturing initiatives.

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Integrated Disaster Recovery As A Service With Secure Unitrends Cloud

Unitrends integrated Cloud solutions enable secure, automated recovery, storage and archival of your applications and data in the Unitrends Cloud. Designed to allow your business to easily and affordably meet retention and compliance requirements, Unitrends Cloud delivers long-term, off-site retention. Backups are copied from your on-premises Recovery Series appliance or your virtual machines.

Use our White Glove Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities to automatically recover your data center from disaster, bringing up VMs in under an hour. Additionally, our overnight recovery services can send you a fully recovered appliance directly to your site in

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Radically Easy to Use Customization for the Manufacturing Sector

There is a reason we have consistently won “Best in Breed” awards for backup and recovery with our Unitrends Backup Software Appliance and Recovery-Series appliances. In just a few clicks, your assets are fully protected using the Unitrends centralized management console.

A user interface designed with the manufacturing sector in mind, making it easy to manage all your backups and recovery. Unitrends knows that today the IT admin’s expertise is constantly in demand. That’s why we did the configuration and tuning work for you with our all-in-one backup appliances that come pre-loaded with powerful data protection and recovery software. You simple Rack, Connect and Go.


Unitrends has been able to provide us with peace of mind that we will be able to restore data in case of emergency and enabled us to lower our RTO and RPO significantly. The appliances and services are stable and reliable. Our Unitrends appliance literally paid for itself after being able to restore the 2 million+ files affected by ransomware earlier this year.

Erica Reyes

Director of IT

EXCO Engineering

Unitrends has more recommended backup, recovery and continuity models than other vendors combined

DCIG award