Unitrends' Unique Cisco UCS Backup and Continuity

Unitrends' Unique Cisco UCS Backup Solution

The Solution Overview

Unitrends offers enterprise-class granular backup and recovery for Cisco UCS at the Meta Bare Metal™ level. This patent-pending approach to the data protection of unified systems means that we protect not only applications, hypervisors, operating systems, and storage operating on a Cisco UCS system, but also Cisco UCS-unique metadata such as service profiles.

Unified Compute, Storage and Protection with Unitrends

Our Recovery Series backup appliances and Unitrends Backup software offer:

  • Unmatched integration with Cisco UCS series—no other backup solution integrates with Cisco UCS seamlessly like Unitrends
  • Protection for heterogeneous assets provisioned by your UCS—including virtualized servers, bare metal servers, and application data.
  • Protection for all configuration and profile information for your UCS devices:
    • Network configuration
    • Storage configuration
    • Virtualization profiles
    • Firmware settings

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Cisco UCS Versions Protected by Unitrends

Unitrends is certified to protect:

  • Cisco UCS C-Series
  • Cisco UCS B-Series
  • Cisco UCS E-Series
  • Cisco Mini-UCS

Unitrends has more recommended backup, recovery, and continuity models than other vendors combined


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