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Whether protecting data and applications that are local, remote or running in the cloud, Unitrends appliances include everything required for Backup and Recovery.

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Drive simplicty within your virtual environments with our all in one BCDR solutions that will keep you and your business running and productive

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Minimize the effects of downtime by harnessing the capabilities of Unitrends backup and recovery solutions, leading to advantages such as decreased RTO and RPO durations.

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Powerful Features of Unitrends Backup and Recovery for Citrix XenServer

Hypervisor-Level Backup and Recovery

Hypervisor-Level Backup and Recovery

Simplify data protection by backing up and recovering entire VMs. This eliminates the complexity of managing individual files or applications, ensuring faster and more efficient recovery in case of data loss or corruption.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Proactively identify issues, improve operations, and optimize resources by analyzing historical data and trends. Get advance warnings about potential problems, reducing the risk of data loss.

Intelligent Alerts

Optimized WAN and Storage Performance

Speed up backups, reduce storage costs, and minimize disruptions. Efficiently transfer data over WANs, optimizing bandwidth usage, and saving storage space through effective data compression and deduplication.

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FAQ's about Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer is a virtualization platform developed by Citrix Systems. It enables the creation and management of virtual machines, optimizing server performance. Offering a robust hypervisor, Citrix XenServer enhances server efficiency and facilitates streamlined IT infrastructure.

Citrix XenServer serves as a powerful virtualization solution, allowing businesses to consolidate servers, improve resource utilization, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Utilizing a hypervisor architecture, it isolates multiple virtual environments on a single physical server, enabling seamless management and deployment of virtual machines. With support for various operating systems, Citrix XenServer ensures flexibility and scalability in adapting to diverse IT requirements. Additionally, it incorporates advanced features like live migration, snapshot capabilities, and centralized management tools, contributing to a resilient and agile IT infrastructure.

Xen and KVM are both virtualization technologies, but their approaches differ. Xen uses a hypervisor to manage virtual machines, offering strong isolation. On the other hand, KVM leverages the Linux kernel for virtualization, integrating with the host OS. Both provide efficient virtualization solutions with distinctive architectures.

Xen employs a hypervisor (bare-metal) approach, running directly on the hardware to manage virtual machines. It offers robust isolation and performance. KVM, in contrast, utilizes the Linux kernel as its hypervisor, making it a part of the host operating system. This integration simplifies management but may slightly impact performance compared to Xen's direct approach.

Xen's architecture allows for more diverse operating systems to run simultaneously with strong isolation. KVM benefits from tight integration with the Linux ecosystem, providing compatibility with Linux-based tools and features. Xen traditionally supports paravirtualization, enhancing performance through optimized guest operating systems, while KVM generally relies on hardware virtualization extensions.

Ultimately, the choice between Xen and KVM depends on specific requirements, preferences, and the desired balance between performance and integration within the broader IT environment.

Backing up Citrix XenServer with third-party solutions, like Unitrends, involves leveraging specialized backup tools. These solutions ensure comprehensive data protection, allowing users to create backups, manage recovery points, and safeguard virtualized environments against data loss.