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Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

More Uptime with Cloud Continuity for Any Workload

The Unitrends Annual Cloud Survey found that 48% of businesses consider cloud backup a key factor when implementing data protection. But only half of IT departments considering cloud backup and recovery have actually adopted a cloud solution.

In addition to choosing the right cloud backup, IT administrators are overwhelmed with growing data volumes, the need to protect diverse physical and virtual environments, and compliance requirements. Tight budgets haven’t made IT decisions any easier. Unitrends analyzed the concerns of businesses when it comes to cloud backup and found these common issues:

  • Distributed Data and Data Loss: 100% of businesses need to protect data distributed among sites, physical and virtual servers, SaaS, and multiple clouds. Backup for this wide range is a challenge for many businesses, and 31% of respondents reported losing data in the last 2 years.
  • No Confidence in Recovery: Nearly 50% of businesses cited concerns about their ability to retrieve data from the cloud.
  • Struggling with Compliance: 57% of companies have compliance or regulatory requirements for disaster recovery and long-term retention, and report difficulty in managing and meeting requirements.
  • Lagging Disaster Recovery: 76% of businesses require critical applications to be available within 4 hours of an outage, but only 36% had achieved these recovery objectives.
  • Neglecting Recovery Testing: 37% of enterprises do not test their recovery plans or prove their Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) or Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) at all, and another 24% only test once per year, putting themselves at risk of not being able to recover as expected when an outage occurs.

Unitrends addresses these challenges with comprehensive cloud backup and recovery solutions that can be customized for your business. Whether you need hybrid cloud backup, DR services, long-term cloud retention, SaaS backup, and/or hyperscale cloud backup and VM migration, Unitrends can help.

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Prevent Data Loss

Unitrends cloud backup and recovery prevents data loss by keeping multiple copies of your backup in the secure cloud. We simplify the process with integrated cloud backup for on-premises, SaaS, and public clouds.

  • On-premises: Seamless integration between your Unitrends backup appliance and the cloud protects your on-site data and requires less management.
  • SaaS: Don’t forget to protect the data in your SaaS applications like Office 365. Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 delivers automatic cloud-to-cloud backup.
  • Public cloud: Hyperscale clouds need backup, too. Unitrends manages the entire lifecycle–from VMware migration and disaster recovery to backup and data protection. Works with AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure clouds.

Stop Worrying – Absolute Confidence in Recovery

There’s no need to doubt that your business can recover from deletion or disaster. Unitrends gives you more confidence in recovery with:

  • Self-service cloud: See for yourself what data is protected in the Unitrends Cloud and recover files as needed with our intuitive user interface.
  • Disaster Recovery Services: For the ultimate confidence in recovery, ensure business continuity with Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). In the event of disaster, this white glove service spins up VMs in the cloud with a 1-hour SLA.
  • Recovery Assurance Testing: Test out your recovery plan before it’s too late with automated DR testing and recovery compliance reports.

Effortless Compliance

Ease the burden of meeting long-term retention requirements with the Unitrends Forever Cloud.

  • Simplify the process of archiving data. Unitrends Forever Cloud works with your Unitrends backup appliance to store data for long-term retention.
  • Choose your retention policy–tiered retention from 90 days to infinite.
  • Save money. Unitrends Cloud charges no networking, bandwidth, or recovery fees, making it an affordable solution that requires less management than using a public cloud for long-term retention.

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More Uptime with Disaster Recovery Services

Unitrends Disaster Recovery Services give your business more uptime by spinning up virtual machines in the Unitrends Cloud, so your business can continue to operate during a disaster or outage.

  • DRaaS spin-up: Unitrends DRaaS works with your Unitrends Forever Cloud account. Add DRaaS per VM instance, or choose Unlimited to cover the entire protected capacity of your Forever Cloud
  • Premium DRaaS: Premium DRaaS delivers a 1-hour spin-up SLA and Recovery Assurance DR testing for select virtual machines.
  • White Glove Service: Included with any DRaaS service level, our expert customer support and cloud team will be with you to help recover from disaster and rebuild your on-premises site. Our Rapid Return service quick-ships data back to you.

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Automatic DR Testing

With Unitrends, it’s simple to prove your recovery plan ahead of time. Unitrends Recovery Assurance guarantees your business can meet its RPOs and RTOs.

  • Automated DR testing: Manual testing takes too much time. Recovery Assurance delivers automated DR testing that runs in the background.
  • Local and in the cloud: Recovery Assurance can test and certify recovery objectives both on-premises and in the Unitrends Cloud.
  • Built-in Reporting: Automatically report up to management and stakeholders the results of recovery testing–or just monitor the reports yourself to maintain confidence in your disaster recovery plans.
  • Predictive analytics identifies ransomware attacks or hardware issues earlier

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Unitrends has been able to provide us with peace of mind that we will be able to restore data in case of emergency and enabled us to lower our RTO and RPO significantly. The appliances and services are stable and reliable. Our Unitrends appliance literally paid for itself after being able to restore the 2 million+ files affected by ransomware earlier this year.

Erica Reyes

Director of IT

EXCO Engineering

Unitrends has more recommended backup, recovery, and continuity models than other vendors combined


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