All-in-One Citrix XenServer Backup and Continuity

Increase uptime and reduce backup vendor finger pointing for Citrix XenServer with deeply integrated, one-throat-choke VM backup and disaster recovery.

Why Unitrends for XenServer Backup and Continuity

Unitrends’ all-in-one approach to enterprise backup and continuity is easier to deploy and provides higher confidence that data is protected with quick and easy recovery. 
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Requirements Others Unitrends
No finger pointing

Seperate vendors and more finger pointing

One vendor – single throat to choke

Easier to deploy

Much integration required

Fully integrated – rack, connect and go

100% confidence

Little to no assurance of recovery

100% confidence in recovery

Higher security

Windows-based, ransomware susceptible

Hardened Linux, proactive detection against intrusion

Higher satisfaction

Fragmented solution, lower satisfaction

Thorough interation, higher confidence & greater satisfaction

One Way Doesn’t Fit All Hypervisor Needs


Hypervisor-Level Backup and Continuity

Simple and scalable image-level protection using the hypervisor APIs.

  • Fast protection of entire VMs.
  • Granular recovery of files, folders, and application objects.
  • No agents required.

Guest-Level Backup and Continuity

Sometimes you don’t want to protect the entire VM, or you simply can’t.

  • Granular protection of files and folders.
  • Granular protection of individual databases.
  • Reduced application impact with no VM snapshots required.
  • Change tracking for up to 20X faster incremental backups.

Unitrends Recovery Assurance

While we all hope that we will never need our disaster recovery solutions, hope is not a strategy. Unitrends Recovery Assurance provides backup verification, automated failover, testing and automated reporting that ensure recovery performs as planned.   


No Questions

Never doubt that you will fully recover your data and apps if the worst happens.



Certify that your systems will recover and be in full compliance.


Unlimited Testing

Test after all infrastructure changes to ensure full recovery.

What Problems Am I Trying To Solve?


Backup and Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Cloud Backup and DRaaS

Long-Term Retention

Which Product Is Right For Me?


Unitrends Recovery Series


Unitrends Backup


Unitrends Boomerang


All-in-One physical backup appliances with cloud continuity

All-in-One virtual appliances with cloud continuity

Low-cost DR and migration for VMware to AWS or Azure

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Why Unitrends

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