Heterogeneous Storage: DAS, NAS, and SAN

Unitrends protects DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), and SAN (Storage Area Networks.) This flexibility is increasingly important as IT is challenged with an explosion in storage that must be protected with proportionately fewer IT personnel per virtual machine, server, and terabyte of storage being managed.
Our virtual-only products (Unitrends Virtual Backup and ReliableDR) protect through the virtualization storage format while our Recovery-Series and Unitrends Backup products protect both through the virtualization storage format as well as via direct formats. This means that IT has the freedom to deploy storage flexibly without being constrained by proprietary technologies tied to niche data protection products and without proprietary storage formats.
Our Recovery-Series backup appliances and Unitrends Backup virtual backup appliances support DAS backup directly via the physical operating system operating on a server, support NAS backup via direct mapping to the appliance via NFS and CIFS and NDMP, and support SAN backup directly via the physical operating system operating on the server connected to the SAN and via proxies connected to the SAN.

Support for the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) provides mid-sized to large enterprises with improved performance, scalability and ease-of-use through tighter integration with EMC and NetApp Network-attached Storage (NAS) arrays.
Our Recovery-Series backup appliances and Unitrends Backup virtual backup appliance can backup Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere virtual storage mapped onto DAS, NAS, or SAN. Our virtual-only backup appliance, Unitrends Virtual Backup, can protect Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and Citrix XenServer virtual storage mapped onto DAS, NAS, or SAN as well.
Working in concert with Unitrends backup appliances, ReliableDR software protects Windows Physical, VMware vSphere, and Hyper-V environments. ReliableDR is also available as standalone software for VMware vSphere environments.

Heterogeneous Storage: SAN Snapshot Integration

Our ReliableDR standalone software also integrates with array-based snapshots and replication for protection and recovery orchestration, primarily for disaster recovery failover, failback and testing. These capabilities contribute to our ability to offer advanced Recovery Assurance for enterprise-class vSphere environments across datacenters, as well as private and public service provider clouds.
The ReliableDR software interfaces with the APIs of nearly all major storage vendors, including NetApp, EMC, IBM, HP, Dell, Nimble, and DataCore, in order to simplify complex recovery and testing processes through automation and a very simple point and click setup, thereby, reducing the risk of recovery failure without requiring days worth of manual tasks.
For all of the vendors above, ReliableDR can automate the testing and failover of one or many virtual machines, as well as integrate with guest-level Windows and Linux interfaces to test the recoverability of applications and automate network IP reconfiguration between sites. The SAN snapshot integration allows this process to be done without impacting production machines, as well as offers the ability to create multiple Certified Recovery Points for failover by managing snapshot retention through the ReliableDR interface.
For NetApp, Nimble and DataCore, ReliableDR can also manage the arrays’ replication processes to automate planned failover and changes-only failback to avoid unplanned downtime for applications or full sites, without needing to perform any manual steps within the array vendors’ management interfaces.

Storage Protected: