Long-Term Data and File Retention

Federal and state laws and multiple industries require corporations to store computer files for many years. Different data types are required to be kept for different periods of time – financial records must be kept for 3 years, tax documents for 7, and employee exposure to dangerous chemical records must be retained forever.

Keeping this data on-site and co-located with the primary data takes up valuable space and resources, and invites catastrophic data loss in the event of a disaster. You need to get your backups offsite to a location specifically designed for cost-effective, secure retention that meets legal and compliance requirements. Unitrends long-term data retention solutions are easier to deploy and provide higher confidence that data is available with quick and easy recovery. Long-term backups can also be used for instant recovery in the case of disasters.

There are several ways to retain data for the long term depending on your volume, the required speed of recovery, how many sites you have, and budget. Unitrends backup solutions work with single site, multi-site, and cloud-based retention strategies.

Unitrends Forever Cloud Data Retention


Get long-term retention and disaster recovery in the Unitrends Forever Cloud – easy, practically without lifting a finger. It’s costly and time-consuming to use rotational media like tape and archive data off site. It’s also time-consuming to get this data back if you need it. Unitrends Forever Cloud long-term retention is incredibly easy and helps you meet compliance and regulatory requirements for data storage. It’s off-site and replicated across clouds for redundancy. Unitrends offers a predictable monthly cost even as data grows, verses public clouds that put the customer in uncertain budget position with constantly rising costs as data grows plus recovery fees.

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Multi-Site Data Retention

A backup copy of data is of no use if it can be destroyed with the primary data by the same disaster. Two Recovery Series backup appliances or instances of Unitrends Backup virtual appliances can provide remote storage and greater data protection than a single data protection strategy. Remote storage adds a layer of protection, especially ideal for industries that have geographic dispersion, such as local governments and retail.

All Unitrends appliances, whether local or remote, can be managed from one console as a single pane of glass. Easily manage backups exabytes in size. Unitrends also provides self-service role-based access control so users can manage their own backups without having access or visibility to others.

Single Site Retention

Unitrends all-in-one backup appliances are purpose-built to provide cost effective, radically easy to use comprehensive data and application protection. Unitrends backup appliances scale with your business. Scale up by moving to a larger appliance. Scale out by adding appliances within a single site. Protect up to 2 EB of data by deploying multiple appliances. With 12 models to choose from, Unitrends Recovery Series will fit your environment without forcing you to overpay for capacity you don’t need. Unitrends also provides a removable hard drive unit so you can easily transport your backups off site for safe storage.

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Unitrends has been able to provide us with peace of mind that we will be able to restore data in case of emergency and enabled us to lower our RTO and RPO significantly. The appliances and services are stable and reliable. Our Unitrends appliance literally paid for itself after being able to restore the 2 million+ files affected by ransomware earlier this year.

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