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Intelligent Nutanix AHV Backup and Recovery

Simplifed, automated all-in-one business continuity solution to protect your business data within Nutanix.

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Unitrends Backup for Nutanix is a comprehensive data protection solution tailored for Nutanix environments. It seamlessly integrates with Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor (AHV) to provide robust backup and recovery capabilities, ensuring resilience and availability for your critical data and applications.

Hyper-V Backup and Recovery

Reduced Complexity

Simplifying backup through seamless integration and unified management, Unitrends minimizes complexity in safeguarding data on Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure, creating an efficient and user-friendly backup and recovery experience.

Hypervisor-level Integration

Unitrends delivers a Nutanix-certified solution that integrates natively with AHV for robust, efficient hypervisor-level protection. Our platform offers flexibility with agentless and agent-based approaches to customize protection for your critical Nutanix data and applications. Single-screen management streamlines operations and expedites recoveries to eliminate data loss and downtime.

Disaster Recovery for Nutanix

Unitrends simplifies disaster reocvery for Nutanix AHV with automated processes to minimize downtime. Utilize Instant Recovery for lightening-fast recoveries locally and at your DR site. Replicate to the Unitrends Cloud and enroll mission-critical VMs (or your entire environment) in our white-glove disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) for contractually guaranteed recovery SLAs.

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Powerful Features of Unitrends Backup and Recovery for Nutanix

Certified to Protect AHV

Certified to Protect AHV

Unitrends helps Nutanix users meet their RTOs, RPOs, and retention requirements with native support for AHV. You can protect just what’s needed, whether it’s a full VM, a file, or just a single database.

Ransomware Discovery

Ransomware Discovery

Unitrends detects ransomware, a proactive alert email is sent to administrators so recovery actions can be taken before the attack gets too far.

SLA Policy Automation

SLA Policy Automation

Setup all aspects of Acropolis backup, replication and archiving in a single step based on an easy-to-configure policy. Simply define your RPO and any replication targets and the system does the rest!

Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent Alerts

Take immediate action to resolve potential recovery risks with BackupIQ intelligent alerting. Our intelligence engine cuts through alert noise by prioritizing issues with backup and replication that directly put your SLAs at risk.

Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

Unitrends Recovery Assurance ensures that the steps required for quick application recovery are in place, including boot sequencing, network remodeling, replacing IP addresses and automated, application-level certification tests. Reports detailing recoverability and RTO/RPO benchmarks are automatically generated with every test.

Hardware or Software Backup

Hardware or Software Backup

Leverage the power of Unitrends Recovery Series or our Backup Software. Both deployment options get you running with little effort, have deep integration with the Nutanix supported hypervisors and applications to reduce data loss and downtime, as well as extend on-premises backup and continuity to secondary Nutanix nodes or the Unitrends Cloud.

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FAQ's about Nutanix Backup and Recovery

Nutanix AHV is a virtualization solution, part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. It simplifies data center management by combining compute and storage resources into a single, integrated system. With Nutanix AHV, businesses achieve streamlined operations and enhanced scalability.

Nutanix AHV stands for Acropolis Hypervisor, a key component of Nutanix's hyper-converged infrastructure. It operates as a hypervisor, enabling the virtualization of computing resources, storage, and networking. Nutanix AHV simplifies infrastructure management, eliminating the need for separate storage and virtualization layers. This hypervisor is based on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and offers features such as VM-centric operations, efficient data protection, and seamless scalability. By seamlessly integrating with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, AHV provides a robust foundation for modern data center environments.

In selecting a DRaaS solution for Nutanix AHV, prioritize seamless integration with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Look for a solution that offers efficient data replication, customizable recovery objectives, and simplified management to ensure business continuity in the face of disruptions.

  • Compatibility and Integration: Ensure the DRaaS solution seamlessly integrates with Nutanix AHV, leveraging the platform's capabilities for streamlined operations.
  • Data Replication Efficiency: Look for a solution with robust asynchronous replication, allowing for the efficient mirroring of virtual machines and data to a secondary site.
  • Customizable Recovery Objectives: Prioritize solutions that offer flexibility in defining Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to align with specific business needs.
  • Management Simplicity: Choose a DRaaS solution that simplifies management tasks, such as failover testing and recovery plan validation, to enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Testing Capabilities: Opt for a solution that provides testing features, enabling regular validation of recovery plans without disrupting production environments.
  • Scalability: Ensure the DRaaS solution scales seamlessly with the growth of your Nutanix AHV environment, accommodating evolving business requirements.
  • Automation and Orchestration: Look for automation and orchestration capabilities to streamline the recovery process, reducing manual intervention and potential errors.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Prioritize solutions with robust monitoring and reporting tools, offering insights into the status of replication, recovery tasks, and overall system health.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure the DRaaS solution adheres to security best practices and compliance standards to safeguard sensitive data during the recovery process.
  • Support and Documentation: Consider the availability of comprehensive support services and documentation to facilitate smooth implementation and troubleshooting when needed.

Absolutely. Unitrends Backup and Recovery for Nutanix allows for automated backup processes. Users can establish schedules and policies for automatic backups, which reduces manual tasks and ensures consistent protection.