Scale Computing and Unitrends Provide Enterprises Data Protection and Recovery Options for Enterprise Workloads.

Scale Computing Backup Solutions

Hyperconverged infrastructure has become a major part of enterprise datacenters as virtualization and the private cloud becomes more widely adopted. However, managing a highly virtualized and converged environment has its challenges. VMs are getting more numerous, larger and more complex – making it difficult to meet your recovery objectives. Storage technologies too, are changing quickly, becoming more integrated with more features. That’s great, but keeping all these assets protected and recovering them during major outages is becoming more difficult.

Scale Computing and Unitrends have partnered to protect and recover cloud workloads so their customers can focus on driving business value. Scale’s HC3 hyperconverged platform combined with Unitrends’ Recovery Series solution provides advanced features such as integrated granular recovery of single data elements, long term retention across on-premises, remote, and cloud-based data, multi-site replication configurations, automated application-level recovery testing, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Protection for HC3

Unitrends helps Scale Computing HC3 users meet their RTOs, RPOs, and retention requirements. You protect just what’s needed, whether it’s a full VM, a file, or entire database. HC3 provides some data protection features while Unitrends adds advanced capabilities such as integrated granular recovery of single data elements, long term retention, multi-site replication configurations, and automated application-level recovery testing.

Automation – Reduce Downtime and Gain Proof of Compliance

Unitrends offers a variety of recovery and continuity solutions designed to get failed applications up and running in seconds. Using manual processes to ensure everything is brought up in the right order, available on the right networks, and fully tested across N-tier apps is complex. Unitrends DR automation can ensure that steps required for quick application recovery are in place, including boot sequencing, network remodeling, replacing IP addresses and automated out of the box tests are performed.

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Automated Ransomware Discovery

Early detection means faster recovery. Ransomware may lay dormant on your network for days and even weeks, encrypting more and more files without you even knowing there is an infection. However, all Unitrends backup and continuity appliances include our patent pending adaptive and predictive analytic software that uses machine learning to recognize threat conditions from ransomware activity. Unitrends automatically searches for ransomware activity in every file during every backup. Once Unitrends detects ransomware, a proactive alert email is sent to administrators so recovery actions can be taken before the attack gets too far. Immediately spin up your backup files to quickly, safely, and securely restore your systems with minimal data loss.

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SLA Policy Automation

Managing backups is more complex these days. You have multiple copies, long-term retention, data is offsite, and no one wants to take any downtime. This used to require a task-oriented approach to backup management that leaves you with no clue about the impact of an outage or the time required to recover.

Unitrends SLA Policy Automation solves this for HC3 users. You can setup all aspects of HC3 backup, replication and archiving in a single step based on a simple RPO policy. Unitrends automates the entire process, including the analytics for recovery times, giving you clear, provable RPO and RTO data.

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Understand the Impact of Downtime

IT professionals know the risk to their business are multi-fold — operations can grind to a halt in the event of natural disaster, ransomware attack, or employee error. The only way to prepare for unknown is to understand the impact of an outage before it occurs. Unitrends automates risk analysis with recovery analytics powered by our unique Recovery Assurance technology. Automatically run a recovery test to see reports and statistics revealing how an outage would impact business continuity, and how much data your business might lose.

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Unitrends has been able to provide us with peace of mind that we will be able to restore data in case of emergency and enabled us to lower our RTO and RPO significantly. The appliances and services are stable and reliable. Our Unitrends appliance literally paid for itself after being able to restore the 2 million+ files affected by ransomware earlier this year.

Erica Reyes

Director of IT

EXCO Engineering

Unitrends has more recommended backup, recovery, and continuity models than other vendors combined