Archiving, Replication & Backup Copies

archive.pngDo you need an archiving strategy in addition to a backup tool? Yes.

Archiving and backup are both collections of data storage, but their similarities end there.

Archiving’s purpose is the long-term retention and preservation of data, typically for compliance or regulation requirements. Archiving does not typically require access on-demand.

When dealing with Archives, companies require extended storage life and high levels of security and data authenticity. Moving archive copies to lower cost, long term storage can increase the productivity and capacity available on your production systems without putting you at an elevated risk in the event of a disaster as long as your solution maintains compliance trails.

Things to take into consideration when choosing an archive solution:
  • Data Growth – Can the solution scale to meet the long term needs of your organization, as many regulations require years of data to be secured?
  • Platform lock-in – Can I access this data if I choose to change vendors ?
  • Security – Is the data protected in a secure way, able to stand up to your companies standards?
  • Authenticity – Can you trace the archive back to its point of origin, and ensure the data has not been tampered with?