Avalanche of Data and Servers


Wonder why you don’t have time for the strategic initiatives that are critical to moving your IT team forward?
And why you are having a hard time keeping up with your backups? 

Maybe it is because of the 10-fold increase in servers, a 50-fold increase in data, and the amount of storage growing at 100X the rate of your available IT staff (50X versus 0.5X growth). Source: IDC.

The reality is that your team needs to ensure that this data is protected, but:
  • How do you meet storage requirements under these conditions?
  • How do you meet backup windows trying to deduplicate all that data?
  • How do you replicate quickly enough with limited bandwidth?
  • How do you reclaim your time, and get back to work on more strategic initiatives?

Technologies that can assist in the avalanche.

Deduplication - More Data? No Problem.

Deduplication technology is the ability to store information only once, regardless of how many times it appears in your infrastructure. Imagine your company PowerPoint deck, it is probably stored on every server in the infrastructure, and in each employees mailbox several times. Deduplication technologies optimize the storage of that file, only keeping one copy of the information and "pointing" to that copy wherever else it lives, dramatically reducing the total disk required. Advancements in deduplication can bring this storage savings even higher with duplication detection at the amazingly detailed levels,  including across your archives.  

Backup & Archival Out of Band - More Servers? No Problem.

New technologies have the ability to perform all processing that happens on backups in a location that does not cause bottlenecks, referred to as "Out of Band", making your growing data and servers a problem of the past. When operations are performed out-of-band, you improve the amount of data and servers that can be backed up on your network and backup devices

Cloud Integration & Automation - More Storage? No Problem.

Moving some or all of your data to the cloud can provide lower cost storage solutions for your data. Tools such as integrated cloud seeding and next day appliance delivery ensure large quantities of data can be moved efficiently, and that you only need to move small amounts of data after your initial backup. 

Backup Strategies - More Frequent Backups? No Problem.

There are a wide variety of backup strategies that can be used: Full, Differential, Incremental, File, VM Snapshots, etc. Using an Incremental Forever strategy you can reduce the size of your backups, shrink your backup windows and do more frequent backups, lowering Recovery Point Objectives. This strategy begins with a full backup and then runs incrementals at specified intervals of time just backing up what has changed since the last interval. When the system determines that a new full backup is necessary, it synthesizes one by superimposing the incremental backups on the last full.

Unitrends all-in-one data protection appliances help with this avalanche of data and servers. With best-in-class technology, including adaptive deduplication to dramatically reduce the amount of storage required to handle the growing data, faster backups through optimized data paths and throughput, faster recoveries of large quantities of data with Instant recovery, and automated cloud integration, IT professionals are able to meet the challenges head-on. 

Recover more than just your data, recover your time.


Don't Get Duped by Dedupe

The purpose of deduplication is to provide more storage, particularly backup storage, for less money, right? Then wouldn't it be ridiculous if deduplication vendors were demanding that their customers pay more per terabyte of storage? Or, if they were simply pushing the task of integrating, monitoring, and managing deduplication back onto their users? This white paper is to help you understand the various approaches to deduplication, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and to introduce a different approach to deduplication, Adaptive Deduplication.

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Last Updated: 11/09/2015
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Drowning in Data: How to Back up More Than You Can Handle

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