Getting Back to What Matters Most



What are the greatest challenges for today's IT organizations?

  • The explosion of storage and assets that must be managed?
  • Cloud computing and storage and optimizing capital and operating expense Consumerization and smart devices?
  • Virtualization, sprawl and stall, and infrastructure visibility?
  • The emergence of alternative virtualization paradigms such as containers?
  • Managing unified compute, storage, network, and other components in systems such as Cisco’s UCS (Unified Computing Systems?)
  • Hiring and retention versus issues of expertise, loyalty, and retirement?

These challenges—and more—are certainly top-of-mind for every IT administrator and leader. And yet all of these are simply components to one overarching issue: people knowing they can rely on their IT infrastructure. Why is this so important? Beyond all the TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) such as RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives), RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives), RTAs (Recovery Time Actuals), SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and the like, it comes down to some simpler and more compelling: IT staff being able to achieve their business level goals while also having a life. This might mean:

  • Simply getting home for dinner.
  • Spending an interrupted weekend with your spouse.
  • Attending your daughter’s soccer game.
  • Not fearing being awoken at 2:00AM with the gut-wrenching news that a mission-critical application is no longer available or an entire site has gone up in flames.

Enter Unitrends.  All-in-one data protection that meets and exceeds IT challenges and gives you your life back.


Don't Be a Puppet of Your Backup Strategy

Backup, despite the breathless hyperbole of many in the industry, is simply a form of insurance. What's important about your backup strategy is getting your systems and data protected in the most effective and affordable manner possible. Speaking plainly—you must be careful that you are in control of your backup strategy rather than your backup strategy (and vendor) being in control of you.

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Last Updated: 06/18/2013
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