Rapidly Changing Technology


You have read it a hundred times:  Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data are the pillars of the great digital revolution underway.  Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Data Security didn’t just pop up overnight, they are the basis of Gartner’s Nexus of Forces and the enablers of IDC’s 3rd Platform. They give your company the ability to harness the power of data, to reach and server customers in ways that will dramatically increase your business.  It is happening across all industries, and that means that if you don’t figure out how to harness this, your competition will.

With great power, comes great complexity.  These platforms transfer control that was once held by IT straight into the hands of the individuals.  These major disruptors greatly increase the number of users, applications, and amount of data that your company has to deal with.  Implementing strategies for  your business will take hard work, creative intelligence, and a team of skilled IT professionals. 

If your IT team is busy wrangling with your existing infrastructure, how are they going to figure out how to use these tools to enable your company to leapfrog the competition? How can they keep up with the changing technology if they are spending time on fundamental backup failures or simply struggling with inefficient tools that don't scale or support all your needs?  Don't waste time, resources and expense using multiple tools to support your virtual machines and your physical Windows, Linux and  Unix servers.

Take a step back and ensure that your team is using Best Practices for Backup and Disaster Recovery, including making the verification process easy and automated, and ensure that they have the time to bring your company through the IT infrastructure evolution.  Choose tools that support your entire IT environment.