All-In-One Solutions

Unitrends makes it easy

value.pngWe offer all-in-one data protection for one reason: to help our customers reach past the fear of IT disruptions, annoyance at rigid single-point backup products and technologies, and rage at multi-vendor finger-pointing.  We enable our customers to build trust in their IT infrastructure and re-discover the joy of creating data centers and services that are agile and innovative in responding to business needs.


Unlike other vendors who slap backup software on a piece of hardware and declare that they are an all-in-one data protection vendor, Unitrends offers a unique vertically integrated offering that includes:
  • Your choice of an integrated physical or virtual appliances; each of which offer integrated operating systems as well as backup, archiving, replication, and instant recovery.
  • Our cloud backup and DRaaS offerings which works with our Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliances.
  • Our recovery assurance technologies and products such as our auditing feature and our integrated ReliableDR automation, orchestration, and disaster recovery testing product.
  • Our award-winning customer-obsessed customer support.
In addition, we also offer support of third-party clouds via CloudHook. In other words, we don’t force you to use our Unitrends Cloud if you want simple cloud storage that you manage yourself.