Comprehensive Protection

protecting heterogeneous environments 

environment_2.jpgIT environments come in all shapes and sizes.  Your environment is built to your needs.  Your backup and recovery tools should adapt to your environment.  Your backup provider should not force you to adapt your environment to fit the tool, or worse, force you to use multiple tools to protect all of your IT assets.  

That is why Unitrends is committed to delivering a comprehensive protection solution that adapts to your needs and can support your entire environment with a single pane of glass.  We support virtual environments from VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.  We support a wide range of physical and guest operating systems including many versions of Windows, Linux, and legacy Unix based systems.  Common enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Oracle DB are also natively supported.

Unitrends offers enterprise-class granular backup and recovery at the deep virtual and physical level for over 220 versions of applications, hypervisors and operating systems as virtual protection at the hypervisor level.   Unitrends also supports a wide variety of storage and servers, including Cisco UCS, as well.

See a detailed list of what we protect :  For a full list, please see  the compatibility matrix