Radical Ease of Use

Unitrends User Experience Makes IT lives Easier

easytouse-01.pngUnitrends focuses on the complete user experience for our customers. We want to make IT administrator lives a little easier, freeing up time to work on other projects or obtain better work/life balance. You can't move on to other tasks with confidence if the backup and DR tools you rely on can't be trusted.

Here are just some of the aspects of the user experience that we have focused on with our solutions:
  • Ease of deployment—Our all-in-one solutions are designed to be deployed rapidly. We've done the hard integration work so you don't have to. Available as an all-in-one physical or virtual appliance.
  • Single-Pane-Of-Glass—All your back up and DR tasks can be done from a single tool with a single pane of glass.
  • Heterogeneous Support—Because you can support your entire environment with one tool with Unitrends, you no longer have to change tools to backup virtual systems, physical Windows and Linux systems, and legacy systems.
  • Automation—Technology that relies on automation, such as our Recovery Assurance solutions, can greatly ease the burden on IT by saving time on tasks ranging from daily backup to complex DR testing.
  • Radical New User Interface / User ExperienceUnitrends backup 9.0 includes a revamped user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that significantly reduces management overhead. You can easily perform sophisticated functions in considerably fewer steps and get a real-time view of your end-to-end infrastructure, including client, remote offices, primary data center, as well as remote off-site or cloud locations. The new Unitrends backup 9.0 includes:
    • Information dashboardsDashboards give real-time visualization into valuable key performance and protection of the backup, including backup copy and recovery processes.  Information dashboards provide visual reporting and the ability see status across an entire infrastructure, including backups, backup copies, storage utilization, and recovery, all while quickly identifying risk without having to review every job and task in detail.
    • Dynamic Community interactionBuilt-in community forums tiles enable self-service with direct access to peers and Unitrends Support without ever having to exit the dashboard.
    • Custom tile interfaceUI can be customized to match the specific needs of the operator and organization. Easy tools let users tailor the immediate visual details to enable decision-making and trigger appropriate actions.
    • Real-time analyticsAnalytics provide visual foresight into the backup, backup copy, and recovery process based on daily use, along with trending, performance, and capacity use.
    • Rapid root-cause analysis and problem solvingUser can proactively detect and address potential resource conflicts and systematic/systemic issues BEFORE they cascade into outages and data loss that negatively impact business operations.
    • Collaboration and cross-system supportReport creation can be automated, scheduled, and shared with stakeholders within the organization. The same information can be exported in a variety of formats for inclusion into other organizational systems.

Beauty & the Backup: Are You Spending Too Much Time on Backup and Recovery?

Beauty & the Backup: Are You Spending Too Much Time on Backup and Recovery?

Usability—much less beauty—was never a priority for backup and recovery software. All that mattered was that large and complex applications, usually diverse independent applications from multiple vendors, worked. As a result, IT staff spent countless hours slogging through poorly designed systems. But it doesn't have to be like this. Enter Unitrends Backup 9.0.

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