Download Free Unitrends Storage Inventory Planning Tool

Get amazing visibility into your current storage capacity and utilization

Here's your opportunity to get comprehensive, point in time snapshots of your storage capacity and utilization and view them in easy to share reports-FREE from Unitrends. You gain immediate visibility into your entire storage environment to accurately assess the current state of your storage inventory. Get critical visibility into your organization's storage inventory and utilization-all without impacting your production environment, and all free for a limited time.*
  • Comprehensive - Gathers storage capacity information across your entire heterogeneous environment to give you easy to read snapshot reports on storage at a single point in time.
  • Non-invasive and Secure - No agents necessary.  We use your manufacturers' APIs to pull data from all popular storage vendors.
  • Management-ready Reports - Automatically synthesizes vast quantities of storage data into an executive-ready deck of PowerPoint slides featuring lists, graphs, and annotations.
  • Easy to Install, Run and Report - Simply deploy our appliance to VMware or Hyper-V, follow a simple wizard, and you’re up and running! Our easy-to-navigate web interface lets you generate dozens of summary and detailed reports for all your storage devices in minutes.
*Unitrends Storage Inventory Planning Tool is free for a 10-day usage period for a snapshot of your storage. See details in your email.