Recovery Series Price Estimator

Choose the Recovery Series model and size <>right for your business.

Choose 1, 3, or 5 years of 24/7/365 Support <>. Opt for a 3 or 5 year plan for a discounted per year cost.

(Optional) With the innovative Unitrends Pledge program, <>,receive a new replacement appliance after year 3. Purchase Pledge in 1, 3, or 5 year terms.


(Optional) Securely and cost effectively retain your backup copies in the Unitrends Cloud<>for an infinite amount of time. Enter the amount of protected data you need.

(Optional) Choose the number of VMs you want to enroll in DRaaS <> for a guarante that VMs are operational within 1 hour of the disaster event. Up to 5 DRaaS VMs are included with your Forever Cloud account--ask your Unitrends Partner for details.

(Optional)Add Recovery Assurance as a Service<>to your DRaaS VMs for automated DR testing and monthly reports.