Competitive – Unitrends Versus Arcserve

Why Unitrends?

Our mission – the reason Unitrends exists – is to increase your uptime and confidence in a world where you must do more with less.  We don’t sell you a piece of backup software and tell you to slap it on Windows and figure it all out yourself; we sell cloud-empowered, purpose built, all-in-one backup appliances (hardware and software) that operate on your premise and in AWS and Azure.

Why Unitrends?  Because we’re customer obsessed – one vendor, one throat to choke, and a whole lot more that you can read for yourself below.


Unitrends Versus Arcserve

In 2014, Computer Associates (CA) spun off their backup products as Arcserve in a last ditch effort to revitalize the dwindling brand in the data protection space. Since then, the company has launched a rigorous campaign that messages Assured Recovery, Arcserve Cloud, Global Deduplication, and All-in-One appliances. These sound awfully similar to the core technology Unitrends customers have depended on for years. These pillars earned Unitrends a ranking as just one of two vendors to make BOTH the DR as a Service and Enterprise Backup Software Gartner Magic Quadrants in 2017 along with the 2018 Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service, the top-recommended solution in the DCIG’s 2018 Cloud Data Protection Appliance Buyer’s Guide, and the 2018 Storage Awards Ransomware Protection Company of the Year.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Over Arcserve


Ransomware Avoidance

  • Arcserve’s Windows-based architecture leaves you with the same Ransomware and Cryptolocker risks you’re trying to fight in production.
  • Unitrends provides a highly secure, Linux-based architecture.


Simple Deployment

  • Arcserve’s distributed deployment takes longer to plan, setup and manage, and their appliances only scale to 30 TB.
  • Unitrends is fully integrated and designed to scale up to hundreds of TBs per instance.


Total Cost of Ownership

  • Arcserve requires more servers, memory, and storage, misses basic features like compression and incremental forever scheduling for non-Windows systems, and adds more risk to your data, all of which drive TCO through the roof.
  • Unitrends requires fewer resources and scales well with fewer instances.


Pledge-free Hardware

  • Arcserve requires you to pay full price or haggle for discounts on upgrades.
  • Unitrends has Pledge, which ensures you get free hardware forever.


100% Confidence with Recovery Assurance

  • Arcserve’s Assured Recovery leaves backups untested and can only perform a simple integrity check for a single system using Arcserve’s High Availability feature.
  • Unitrends automates backup verification, multi-system recovery plans, and compliance reporting using Recovery Assurance.