Competitive – Unitrends Versus Dell EMC Avamar

Why Unitrends?

Our mission – the reason Unitrends exists – is to increase your uptime and confidence in a world where you must do more with less.  We don’t sell you a piece of backup software and tell you to slap it on Windows and figure it all out yourself; we sell cloud-empowered, purpose built, all-in-one backup appliances (hardware and software) that operate on your premise, in the Unitrends Cloud, and in AWS and Azure.

Why Unitrends?  Because we’re customer obsessed – one vendor, one throat to choke, and a whole lot more that you can read for yourself below.


Unitrends Versus Avamar

Dell EMC Avamar is is incredibly complex and has an uncertain future with the recent changes to Dell EMC. With IT administrators dealing with a deluge of data growth, shrinking budgets and increased infrastructure complexity, the last thing they want is a backup product that is multi-vendor, complex to deploy and a challenge to support.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Over Dell EMC Avamar


Single Vendor Solution

  • Avamar still requires Data Domain or other storage, forcing users to manually deploy, integrate, and optimize separate products…with multiple support channels for each.
  • Unitrends Recovery Series are complete, all-in-one backup appliances which are easy to deploy, upgrade and support. Unitrends also offers integrated cloud for DRaaS long term retention.


100% Confidence in Disaster Recovery

  • Avamar lacks the ability to test recovery frequently in an automated fashion.
  • Unitrends Recovery Assurance automates backup verification, multi-system recovery plans, and compliance reporting for ensuring recovery SLAs.



  • Dell EMC has launched Integrated Data Protection Appliances,which could be a concern for the longevity and support of existing Dell EMC Data Protection solutions, including Avamar.
  • The entire Unitrends integrated solution is developed, managed and supported by one organization. The solution includes the operating system, backup software, disaster recovery orchestration, reporting and support.


Greater Uptime

  • While Avamar dedupe is great, the process for recovering data and making it available to other applications is very limited.
  • Unitrends offers multiple levels of recovery including instant recovery from our Recovery Series appliances, all the way up to the recovery of an entire infrastructure from the cloud in 1 hour-guaranteed!


White Glove Cloud Options

  • Unitrends can integrate deeply with AWS and Azure for workload migration, failover and failback. To fill gaps with general purpose clouds, we offer Unitrends Cloud – purpose-built cloud services with predictable costs, holistic support for every aspect of the cloud, and guaranteed recovery with 1 hour SLAs and proof from weekly DR tests.
  • Avamar just has none of this.