Competitive – Unitrends Versus Barracuda

Why Unitrends?

Our mission – the reason Unitrends exists – is to increase your uptime and confidence in a world where you must do more with less.  We don’t sell you a piece of backup software and tell you to slap it on Windows and figure it all out yourself; we sell cloud-empowered, purpose built, all-in-one backup appliances (hardware and software) that operate on your premise and in AWS and Azure.

Why Unitrends?  Because we’re customer obsessed – one vendor, one throat to choke, and a whole lot more that you can read for yourself below.


Unitrends Versus Barracuda

Barracuda offers limited choices. With only a hardware appliance, limited cloud offerings, an immature software offering, and no recovery assurance, customers who choose Barracuda won’t have flexibility and confidence that their data and applications are fully protected and can be recovered 100% of the time. A complex user interface makes Barracuda customer’s data protection more complex and less dependable than that offered by Unitrends.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Over Barracuda


Solution Scale

  • Unitrends Recovery series of backup appliances includes 12 models and scales to 180TB of raw capacity.
  • The largest Barracuda backup appliance provides only 50TB of suggested backup, less than half of Unitrends higher end offerings


Ease of Use

  • Unitrends user interface (UI) requires no formal training and allows a single unit to control all local and remote Unitrends products deployed
  • Barracuda’s user interface is very complex – and you need to have full Internet access to get all the functionality of their UI


Industry Leading Support

  • Unitrends Product Support is based entirely in the US, not outsourced to call centers overseas. Unitrends Product Support has a 98% Customer Satisfaction rating.
  • Barracuda struggles with support as measured in both response times and quality


Your Choice of Cloud

  • Unitrends allows users to integrate to their choice of cloud, including Unitrends corporate cloud, the customer’s own cloud or hyper-scale clouds such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • Barracuda does offer their own cloud but in order to backup anything to a public cloud you must use a multi-step process. Barracuda’s lack of true DRaaS and cloud seeding are their biggest cloud weaknesses.


100% Confidence with Recovery Assurance

  • Unitrends Recovery Assurance automates backup verification, multi-system recovery plans, and compliance reporting for ensuring recovery SLAs.
  • Barracuda has no automated way of ensuring that you can recover, let alone meet your RTO goals.