Competitive – Unitrends Versus CommVault

Why Unitrends?

Our mission – the reason Unitrends exists – is to increase your uptime and confidence in a world where you must do more with less.  We don’t sell you a piece of backup software and tell you to slap it on Windows and figure it all out yourself; we sell cloud-empowered, purpose built, all-in-one backup appliances (hardware and software) that operate on your premise and in AWS and Azure.

Why Unitrends?  Because we’re customer obsessed – one vendor, one throat to choke, and a whole lot more that you can read for yourself below.


Unitrends Versus Commvault

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” With that definition Commvault is anything but sophisticated. With IT administrators dealing with a deluge of data growth, shrinking budgets and increased infrastructure complexity, the last thing they want is a backup product to suck them dry of time and budgeted dollars. Commvault’s expensive offering coupled with its complexity is a modern IT administrator’s nightmare.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Over Commvault


Ease of Use

  • Commvault has an astonishingly complex user interface, with hundreds of clicks required to perform basic tasks like configuring backup jobs. With Unitrends, it is just a couple of clicks.


Total Cost of Ownership

  • Unitrends’ solutions are a fraction of the cost of deploying Commvault. A Recovery Series appliance (including integrated hardware, software and support) can often cost less to purchase new than it is to renew your Commvault software licenses. New purchase comparisons can literally be 80% less than Commvault.
  • Unitrends Backup software will save you even more if you want to use your own hardware.



  • Commvault solutions are stitched together by assembling the stack of compute, storage, networking and software – often from different vendors. Finger pointing and shirking accountability by the vendors always leads to dissatisfied customers.
  • Unitrends all-in-one backup appliances are designed to eliminate this pain.


Your Choice of Cloud

  • Commvault has no managed cloud offering that provides long term retention or Disaster Recovery as a Service.
  • Unitrends Cloud provides a plethora of options from long term retention to disaster recovery and recovery assurance, all provided as a white glove service tailor made to delight customers.


100% Confidence with Recovery Assurance

  • Commvault does not provide automation, orchestration or compliance reporting on RTO/RPO – key components required to guarantee recovery in the event of a disruption.
  • With Unitrends, the IT administrator can rest assured that their business will be recovered within their RTO/RPO goals.