Competitive – Unitrends Versus Veeam

Why Unitrends?

Our mission – the reason Unitrends exists – is to increase your uptime and confidence in a world where you must do more with less.  We don’t sell you a piece of backup software and tell you to slap it on Windows and figure it all out yourself; we sell cloud-empowered, purpose built, all-in-one backup appliances (hardware and software) that operate on your premise and in AWS and Azure.

Why Unitrends?  Because we’re customer obsessed – one vendor, one throat to choke, and a whole lot more that you can read for yourself below.


Unitrends Versus Veeam

Veeam continues to rely on their marketing engine rather than their technology to generate new sales. Products that Unitrends already has are either being promised for the future or non-existent in Veeam’s portfolio. For example Veeam is late to the game in dealing with physical servers as well as how they manage their content in the cloud, relying exclusively on partners rather than integrating a purpose built cloud offering of their own. Physical + Virtual machine recovery orchestration is also not yet available.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Unitrends Over Veeam


Easier to Deploy, Manage and Scale

  • Veeam recommends multiple Windows VMs to deliver what Unitrends integrates into a single solution.
  • Veeam can only dedupe data within the same job. Unitrends offers true global deduplication across the entire environment
  • Unitrends’ tightly integrated software appliances eliminate the labor costs required by Veeam’s less integrated solution.


Full Support of Physical Servers

  • Veeam just released version 1.0 of physical Workstation and Server product licensed per agent earlier this year. In addition they will offer a stripped down free product. Veeam doesn’t have any type of granular application protection, and if you need agents on a VM – and, yes this is desired sometimes- you have to pay per agent.


Superior Virtualization Protection

  • Short RPOs are tough because Veeam backups rely exclusively on VM snapshots
  • Unitrends supports both a host operating system based, agentless backup and an optional context aware agent to ensure backups complete on time.


Integrated Cloud Services

  • Veeam does not offer an integrated cloud solution and relies solely on partners and 3rd parties.
  • Unitrends provides purpose-built cloud storage for infinite retention and 1-hr DRaaS spin up. Additional options are available for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


100% Confidence with Recovery Assurance

  • Both Veeam and Unitrends provide the ability to automatically test and verify protected VMs. However, only Unitrends can do this across Physical and Virtual applications as well as workloads in the Unitrends cloud.