Free Backup Recovery Software + Cloud Tools

Save time. Save money. Be more productive.

At Unitrends we get how hard you work and how much easier a great tool can make your life.  So we’re creating a growing set of helpful backup recovery software that’s yours FREE.  Check them out here to gain key insights and save yourself a whole lot of time, effort and expense.

• Free Online Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning Tool: BC/DR Link

BC/DR Link™ from Unitrends gives you a FREE online service tool that helps you build and customize your own DR plan so you can confidently respond to a disaster or outage and recover your business services rapidly, and efficiently.
BC/DR Link provides everything you need to:
  • Build and update your own BC/DR plan online with best practice templates and guidelines.
  • Connect the right people, right away in the event of a disaster or outage.
  • Securely link your DR team from any smartphone or mobile device.

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• Free Recovery Time Actuals Calculator for VMware: RTA Calculator

Now you can quickly calculate how long it will take you to recover your critical virtual machines or their applications.

Once installed, the Unitrends FREE RTA Calculator prompts you to select the VMs you want to time for an RTA estimate, and set the appropriate boot order. The RTA Calculator takes a snapshot and creates linked clones for each VM.  The tool then powers up the VMs and times the process, calculating the total time it it takes to recover a specific grouping of VMs—it's that simple.

In just a few minutes, you get an accurate Recovery Time Actual that you can use to compare to your Recovery Time Objective and see if you can meet to your SLAs. And it’s FREE.

Download the RTA Calculator

BC/DR Link is unique in our industry. For the first time, companies worldwide can put together a sophisticated DR plan online free of charge, store it in the cloud, and take advantage of best practices and industry standards to build, test, update, and share it in the event of disaster. An equivalent service could easily require you to spend many of days of effort and cost thousands of dollars to develop, whereas BC/DR Link is free---forever.
Paul Kirvan, FBCI, CISA
an independent business continuity consultant