Cloud without Limits

Today many organizations are adding cloud storage to their menu of backup storage choices to gain the advantages of elasticity, agility, Opex pricing as well as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Unitrends Cloud is designed to exploit these storage alternatives in a much more optimal way, enabling IT organizations to easily incorporate cloud storage into their backup strategy, without compromise.

As the sheer volume and scope of enterprise data continues to increase, businesses need better tools to adequately protect their data against loss. Unitrends Hybrid Cloud is designed to provide faster, easier recovery with enhanced performance and efficient storage techniques to manage data protection at every layer of the stack. But, adding cloud environments and expanding existing infrastructure can complicate deployments and cloud management. Unitrends Cloud management solutions provide the help you need — centralizing management of multiple cloud environments by automating key tasks. Even better, our support for a wide range of cloud solutions gives you the freedom to avoid being locked in with a single vendor.

Unitrends enables customers to perform on-site backup with instant recovery and continuously move backup copies of their data to the cloud using the Unitrends No Limits Cloud™ or Unitrends Forever Cloud™ service. Whether you are looking for off-site storage, require long term retention for regulatory and compliance reasons, or disaster recovery and business continuity, Unitrends Cloud is agile, elastic, flexible and affordable. Click on a link below to learn more…

Cloud Storage and Archive

Unitrends Cloud is our multi-tenant public storage and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) cloud. We also offer support for third-party hyperscale cloud support, via CloudHook™ technology. Cloudhook enables backup to Amazon AWS, Google, and other REST-compliant clouds.

With Unitrends Cloud we offer two cloud storage choices depending on how you want you store your backup data in the Cloud. Replicate your protected data, retain data for long term retention, regulatory or compliance reasons or simple copy data to the public cloud, Unitrends Hybrid Cloud manages, monitors and does it all.

Unitrends No Limits Cloud storage offers a simple method to replicate all of the backup data stored on your Recovery-Series physical appliance or Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliance. No Limits Cloud automatically scales to the size of your appliance and ensures that whatever is on your appliance is also stored in the cloud.

Unitrends Forever Cloud is designed for long-term data retention in the cloud. Simply purchase the amount of protected data you want to keep for long term retention, and Forever Cloud stores multiple copies of that data in the cloud using a standard retention policy. You get a set of 7 daily backups, 4 weekly backups,12 monthly backups and an infinite number of annual backups for one low price.

Unitrends DRaaS and ReliableDR can also be added as an option to either No Limits Cloud or Forever Cloud. Feel confident in your DR plan with spin-up of physical Windows servers, VMware vSphere environments, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments and automated DR testing in the Unitrends Cloud.

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Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Protect critical business applications and infrastructure with Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service, a white-glove service ensures your business is “Always On,” even after a disaster. With Unitrends Cloud solutions, in the event of a disaster or failure on-premise, live virtual machines and physical systems are instantly spun up in the cloud for complete recovery of critical IT infrastructure. This seamless recovery enables customers to prevent downtime and ensure business continuity.
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Does Your Cloud Have a Silver Lining?

Does Your Cloud Have a Silver Lining?

The level of hype surrounding cloud-based computing has never been higher. The purpose of this paper is to help you understand the advantages and the drawbacks of cloud-based computing—particularly as it applies to business continuity and disaster recovery.

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ReliableDR: Backup + DR Are Ripe for Cloud Disruption

ReliableDR: Backup + DR Are Ripe for Cloud Disruption

The real challenge is not restoring data, but going a level higher and recovering services when disaster strikes. Read on to see how ReliableDR can help.

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