All-In-One Protection

Unitrends offers enterprise-class granular backup and recovery at the deep virtual and physical level for over 200 versions of applications, hypervisors, operating systems, servers, and storage as well as virtual protection at the hypervisor level.

Deep Virtual and Physical Backup

Our Recovery-Series physical appliance and our Unitrends Backup virtual appliance (which is also included in our Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite) enable native granular application and operating system protection in both virtual environments and physical environments.

Virtual Backup

Our Recovery-Series physical appliance and our Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite (which consists of our Unitrends Backup virtual appliance, our Unitrends Virtual Backup virtual appliance, and our ReliableDR software) enable protection in virtual environments at the hypervisor level.

Recovery Assurance

We offer recovery assurance for deep virtual and physical Windows environments via our auditing technology plus complete automation and orchestration at the application- and operating system-level for VMware and Hyper-V with our ReliableDR recovery assurance and disaster recovery product.


Unitrends protects the following hypervisors natively: