Ensure enterprise recovery with Unitrends.

Disasters and IT outages are inevitable. Whether it is a hardware failure, file corruption, human error or a natural disaster, your system will come down eventually. The big question for you is not ‘how to prevent disaster?’ but ‘how quickly you can recover from it?’

Enter Unitrends. Our enterprise recovery solutions help you develop a disaster recovery plan that ensures your business meets specific and detailed service level agreements (SLAs), Recovery Point Objectives (RPO or the maximum amount of data that you can afford to lose) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO or the maximum amount of time it takes to achieve enterprise recovery).

With the most flexible and comprehensive enterprise recovery capabilities in the industry, Unitrends architecture adapts to your data center’s needs rather than require your IT department to adapt to ours. Why prioritize data protection over production capabilities?

Comprehensive enterprise recovery solutions

Powered by Unitrends Bridge™, many of Unitrends enterprise recovery solutions enable you to use Unitrends backup and disaster recovery solutions thus limiting downtime to a few minutes – regardless of how much data you need to protect.

Unitrends enterprise recovery solutions include:

  • Windows Instant Recovery. Available on our Recovery-Series purpose-built backup appliances, Windows Instant Recovery enables IT to use the actual physical backup appliances hosted to spin-up, virtualized versions of physical Windows servers and clients - in addition to virtualized Windows servers and clients on any hypervisor.
  • VMware vSphere Instant Recovery and Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery. Available on our Recovery-Series purpose-built physical backup appliances, Unitrends Enterprise Backup and Unitrends Virtual Backup purpose-built virtual backup appliances, VMware vSphere Instant Recovery and Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery let you spin-up from one virtual machine or the entire infrastructure of the site seamlessly and migrate it back to your original host or hosts.
  • Unified Bare Metal Recovery. Unitrends Unified Bare Metal recovery unifies bare metal backups with either a master or full backup. Requiring only one backup type to improve deduplication, Unified Bare Metal also enables you to improve retention by up to 100%, speed replication by up to 100%, reduced backup windows by 50% and improve RTO by as much as 100%.

Multiple choices for enterprise recovery

Our enterprise recovery solutions enable you to recover to a variety of locations, including:

  • Local premise or local office.
  • Second premise or remote office.
  • Unitrends Cloud.
  • Service provider Unitrends Cloud.
  • Third-party storage clouds.

Learn more about Unitrends enterprise recovery capabilities, including solutions for data recovery software, storage replication, disaster recovery as a service and more.


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